Destiny: Some Players are Failing the Aksis Challenge Without Realizing

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Players are descending on Destiny's Wrath of the Machine this week, with many if not all of them in search for the raid's newly added elemental primaries. The way to do that is by completing the two challenges in the raid, but one of those challenges has a certain quirk that can prevent players from fully completing it.

The Challenge Mode in question is for Aksis, the final boss of Destiny's latest raid. In order to complete the challenge, players need to make sure they use their empowerment on the glowing plate before stunning Aksis, and repeat that process three times per damage phase. But some players are not getting their adept elemental primary weapon, despite never missing a plate slam or stun.

What makes things more confusing is that the the new "Challenge Failed" notification does not show up and players will still receive an Age of Triumph Ornament. The reason for the confusion stems from Aksis' "final stand" phase.

Why Teams "Fail" the Aksis Challenge

Pushing Aksis to the final teleport back to the main center platform at the wrong time can ruin the entire Challenge Mode. Most teams can damage Aksis heavily in two full phases, but on the third phase, if Aksis takes too much damage before the third and final supercharge/slam the boss can teleport back for "final stand" early. Doing so voids the Challenge Mode, as it requires teams to supercharge for all three teleports of each phase.


So here's how to avoid this happening. No matter how many phases it takes, once Aksis' health gets into that zone where he could enter "final stand," teams need to ensure that they do not damage him too much before that third and final damage round. Specifically, don't throw the last two bombs that will cause Aksis damage, and hold off using the cannons to hit Aksis until after the third teleport.

Run through the first two slams while causing very little to no damage to Aksis, and leave all that final damage output to the third and final slam. That will ensure that Aksis does not teleport to "final stand" early and ruin the Challenge Mode.

Allowing Aksis a full three teleports before triggering "final stand" will ensure that this Challenge Mode is done correctly and all the loot drops are awarded. For those who may need help with the basics of the Aksis Challenge Mode, be sure to check out Game Rant's Aksis Challenge guide.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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