The Age of Triumph event may have officially “ended” earlier this week, but Destiny players looking to purchase their commemorative t-shirt are in luck. Bungie has extended the redemption window for redeeming an Age of Triumph shirt code until the end of August.

Although Age of Triumph was billed as an event meant to celebrate everything Destiny 1, with some in-game rewards as well, the focus for many players was the shirt. Once players hit rank 7 in their Age of Triumph record book, they would unlock a code. That code could then be used to purchase a special edition Age of Triumph shirt.

Originally, Bungie had revealed that players could redeem the shirt code until Age of Triumph ended on August 1st, but that apparently is no longer the case. When one Destiny player reached out to Bungie store support to see if there was anything they could do after the deadline, the representative revealed that the redemption processes were extended until August 31st.

Now, it’s important to mention that the Age of Triumph shirt is not free, which is why some Destiny players were dragging their feet about redeeming the code. The code merely unlocks the ability to purchase the shirt for $25 plus shipping. Bungie did a similar thing last year prior to the launch of Rise of Iron, but the requirements for unlocking the code were less demanding.

Destiny Age of Triumph Ends Today

Pegged as Destiny’s biggest record book ever, the one for Age of Triumph saw players completing tasks across all segments of the game – from missions to strikes to raids to Crucible. There were also pages dedicated to weekly and monthly rituals like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.

Still, Bungie offered plenty of time for players to complete their Age of Triumph pages and reach Rank 7 for the shirt. And even though the book was filled with tasks to complete, players didn’t need to complete all of them in order to reach Rank 7. In fact, it was possible to reach Rank 7 without having touched some of the more challenging record book nodes, like those associated with Trials of Osiris or attached to classes you might not use.

All that being said, those that wanted to redeem their t-shirt code and didn’t should act sooner rather than later. And even if you don’t want the shirt, the code can be given to a friend or fellow Destiny fan.