Destiny: Age of Triumph Teaser Shows New Raid Ornaments, Return of Vex Mythoclast

destiny age of triumph vex mythoclast

Destiny got a new trailer today, teasing the new armor, weapons, and ornaments coming in the game’s next live event, Age of Triumph. All this gear will get ample reveal time on the next Age of Triumph stream this Wednesday, but fans can catch some glimpses of the new gear which includes some from the refreshed raids.

Destiny’s developer, Bungie, has said the new armor and ornaments in Age of Triumph could be the very best that has ever come to the game, and from this quick teaser, that could be right.

The trailer starts with a Hunter in the Tower, clad in armor that is no doubt from the new 390 Light Vault of Glass raid. The Vex-inspired gear has been spotted before in other promotional imagery for Destiny’s final live event, which includes ornaments that create a polygonal Vex flourish on the Hunter’s cape, and gives the class a robotic leg.

The Warlock’s Vault of Glass armor can also be spotted in the trailer, with the helmet ornament giving the Warlock Gorgon-like tentacles. It appears that Warlocks will also be getting a set from the new King’s Fall raid that will make them appear as a Hive Wizard. Add to that a green luminescent set for all classes that come from the new version of Crota’s End, and it looks like there will be a solid amount of looks for fans to chase, alongside completing Age of Triumph’s giant record book.

destiny age of triumph raid ornaments

In addition to the armor and ornaments, the trailer also shows off the Vex Mythoclast and the elemental primary raid weapons set to return in this live event. Exotic weapon Ornaments that can be seen in the trailer include ones for Dragon’s Breath, SUROS Regime, and the Vex Mythoclast.

In addition to showing off this new gear, this Wednesday's third and last of Age of Triumph’s reveal stream will also discuss the sandbox and weapon balance changes coming with the event. That will include discussing what powerful elemental primaries coming back means for the game, in addition to follow-up tweaks from February’s sandbox update. Some of those changes mentioned are to the Skorri artifact, sidearms, and No Land Beyond.

That stream will take place Wednesday, March 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific, with the actual Age of Triumph live event debuting next Tuesday, March 28.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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