Destiny Update Will Nerf Hand Cannons, Tweak Special Ammo and Health Regen

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Destiny's new raid armor and weapons were previewed in the last reveal stream for the game's upcoming live event, Age of Triumph. In addition to refreshed raids, newly organized weekly activities, and the Daybreak modifier in Nightfalls, Age of Triumph will also bring a number of weapon and sandbox changes.

Bungie has previewed some of these changes already in previous blog articles and streams. What follows is a comprehensive list of changes coming to Destiny with Age of Triumph, pulled from all the information Bungie has released so far.

Hand Cannons

Hand cannons have become even more dominant than before in the current meta. The February weapon balance update returned hand cannons to their original Year 1 accuracy on their first shot, followed by the same bloom that has been in effect since Year 2.

According to Bungie, the numbers are showing that hand cannons are a little too good currently, so they are getting a nerf to their Range stat. The change will decrease their range by about three meters, and in turn decreasing their damage dropoff.

Assault Rifles

On the other hand, assault rifles are getting the exact opposite change to the one made to hand cannons. Auto rifles will have their range buffed, which will decreasetheir damage dropoff and allow their highest damage shots to reach farther.

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While on the topic of assault rifles, Necrochasm, the raid exotic from Crota's End will be getting a buff. Previously, the weapon's exotic perk triggered a Cursed Thrall explosion any time a player registered a precision kill, damaging anyone around them. Now, the change will apply the Cursed Thrall explosion to any kill, not just a precision kill.

Bungie's Josh Hamrick said with this and the auto rifle changes, "Necrochasm is real, real good."

Vex Mythoclast

As for the raid exotic from Vault of Glass, Vex Mythoclast, Bungie said that there will be no changes to the weapon. Without a doubt the best gun in the Crucible early in Destiny's lifespan, the Vex Mythoclast has been neutered for some time, seeing very little use. Players shouldn't expect that to change, but it is getting a cool new Ornament though.


Another exotic getting a change is Truth, the exotic rocket launcher. In the February weapon update, Truth had its magazine nerfed heavily, down to 1 in the magazine and 1 in reserves after a Heavy Ammo drop. Starting next week, however, Truth will get an extra round in reserves and a faster reload speed, but the single rocket magazine will stay.

No Land Beyond

While Truth has seen little use since the February weapon rebalance, the No Land Beyond exotic sniper rifle has jumped in popularity. Some fans have given the weapon the moniker the "No Flinch Beyond" because the primary sniper is able to fight the flinch of incoming rounds and deliver deadly headshots.

That very problem will be addressed in the upcoming update, as Bungie is increasing the weapon's flinch to be in line with other sniper rifles. In addition, No Land Beyond will get a Ornament giving the weapon a green, digital camo skin.


Famously paired with the No Land Beyond—and used a lot in general since the last weapon update—are sidearms. While the Special ammo economy changed with the last patch, sidearms were not affected. They still spawned with ammo after each death, and they even retained any extra ammo picked from Special ammo boxes.

That will change soon, with sidearms no longer having the ability to stack Special ammo, and any Special ammo picked up will disappear upon death, just as it does with the other Special weapons. However, players will spawn in with ammo, but only one magazine and no reserve ammo.

Bungie explained that sidearms having some ammo is key to the weapon because they are not one-hit kill weapons like sniper rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifles. So sidearms will still keep this intrinsic property but they will be reined in a bit.

Special Ammo Crate

Speaking of Special ammo, there is a very welcomed change coming to Special ammo boxes in the Crucible. Previously, when players picked up Special ammo they would be required to reload their weapon before using that ammo. Now, the change will make Special ammo boxes function like Heavy ammo crates—the ammo will automatically go into the weapon, without any reload animation needed.


Memory of Skorri

While the need to reload after picking up Special ammo has become an annoyance for players, another major frustration (especially in Trials of Osiris) is the Memory of Skorri artifact. The artifact which causes increased charge of Supers between allies was being used in Trials by teams who would sit in the back of the map and charge their Supers. This resulted in games that were slower paced and focused on camping.

But a new change to the Memory of Skorri will now require a kill while having a full Super bar to activate the perk. Once the buff is active it will last for one minute before requiring another kill to reactivate. Moreover, the Skorri buff will deactivate between rounds of Trials of Osiris/Elimination.

Health Regen Perks

Another change that Bungie had previously announced is the rolling back of unintended changes to Destiny's health regen perks. While the Hungering Blade perk and some others will retain the change, many others will return to their previous function.

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Those retaining the change are Hungering Blade, Red Death, Lifesteal, Transfusion, and Cauterize. The perks and weapons reverting to their previous function are Suros Regime, No Backup Plans, Ward of Dawn cast, Apotheosis Veil, and Embrace the Void.


Similar to the health regen perks, another change being rolled back just a bit is the nerf to Blink. In the February update, activating Blink caused players' HUDs to disappear completely for a long three seconds. Now, the HUD will come back a little sooner and the previous nerf to Blink Recovery will be removed completely.

There could be additional changes revealed when Age of Triumph and its accompanying patch notes launch Tuesday, March 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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