Destiny: Age of Triumph Will Add Weekly Vendor Resets

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Destiny's vendors are set to get a lot more active soon, as news comes that the weapons and gear offered by each NPC will rotate on a weekly basis starting with Age of Triumph. It has been a somewhat popular fan request that Destiny's vendors (like the Crucible Quartermaster and the New Monarchy faction) would have their weapons and armor perks re-rolled on a more regular basis, and finally players are getting their wish.

The news comes via Bungie sandbox designer Josh Hamrick, who was answering a fan's question if, like in last year's April Update, the vendors would be receiving new/different gear when Age of Triumph released. The answer to the question asking about just one refresh was a little more than expected:

While large expansions such as The Taken King and Rise of Iron bring full vendor resets, with completely new armor and weapons, smaller updates (like the aforementioned April Update) merely changed the perks on each piece of gear. But with Age of Triumph, fans will definitely want to keep an eye on the vendors after each weekly reset. Similar to the weekly ritual of checking the rolls on the Gunsmith's Armsday weapons, dedicated fans will want to check each week to see if a weapon like The Wounded scout rifle at Future War Cult (a MIDA Multi Tool equivalent that can roll Full Auto and Firefly) has anything new to offer.

Weekly vendor resets affords new possibilities when it comes to weapon variety and increases the odds that players might find the perfect roll on their favorite weapons. What that means on the flip side, is that current players should be sure to pick up any of the most popular vendor weapons pre-Age of Triumph, like The Wormwood sidearm that has found a dominant place in the Crucible after the February weapon balance patch.

Thankfully, Destiny looks ready to provide players with a lot of Legendary Marks in order to buy weapons and armor each week from the vendors. The newly redesigned weekly activities section of the Director doles out tons of Legendary Marks over the course of the week, so players who visit those playlists should have no problem picking up a god roll weapon, if one were to appear.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. Age of Triumph launches March 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific.

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