Atheon, Crota, and Oryx Return in Destiny's 'Age of Triumph' Launch Trailer

Destiny Age of Triumph Launch Trailer

Bungie's released a launch trailer for the Destiny: Rise of Iron "Age of Triumph" event. Today has proven a dramatic day for Destiny fans, with a major Destiny 2 leak and abundant new Age of Triumph details. To help less avid Destiny fans keep up, this launch trailer quickly covers most of the major facets of this update. March 28th marks the start of Destiny's Age of Triumph across all major platforms, so it's time for Guardians to make their final preparations.

The trailer won't prove particularly revelatory to Destiny fans who have been following the announcements closely. The main focuses and additions in Age of Triumph are simply listed: updated raids, new armor sets, upgraded weapons, new Eververse items, the Year Three record book, and a new takes on quests, Strikes, and more. For anyone looking for one last dance with Destiny, there's not going to be a better time than at the start of the Age of Triumph.

However, some sneaky hints at changes within the Destiny Age of Triumph update did sneak into the trailer. For instance, the bridge section of the Crota's End raid has some new statues, implying a potential rework of the section's mechanics. Otherwise there's a look at some of the new Eververse loot and nothing else but laughable trailer action that would never work out in-game. No one would recommend the squad stand on Crota's platform, unless they have a deathwish.

Ultimately, it's clear that the Age of Triumph update for Destiny is one last hoorah to the game, both for Bungie and for the community. There's not going to be any new major content additions like with the expansions. Instead, the game's updating the four major raids, adding final achievements, and finding ways to encourage players to go back through the already available content. Is it going to pull the larger Destiny community back to the game? Probably not, but it will be fun for those who have chosen to stick around.

Heck, it seems like Bungie isn't even going to let Age of Triumph's hype carry it into vast nothingness. The studio's seemingly going to use this last burst of attention to officially announce Destiny 2. Of course, the Destiny 2 hype will help feed players back into Destiny. IT's looking likely that the developer will have to announce the sequel soon, however.

Destiny: Rise of Iron's Age of Triumph update goes live on March 28, 2017 across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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