Destiny Shows Off Updated Raid Armor for Age of Triumph

When Bungie revealed its plans for Destiny’s final live event, Age of Triumph, it also revealed that players could earn new armor by playing through the updated raids. Now, Bungie has shared a couple screenshots that show off the new special raid armor for the game's Vault of Glass and Dark Below raids.

The armor, which can be seen in the photos below, shows off the Crota’s End Titan and Warlock armor and Vault of Glass hunter armor. As with Destiny’s other raid armor, players will need to run through the raids multiple times if they hope to collect the full set.

destiny vault of glass new armor

The raids will be receiving new Challenge Modes, and both Vault of Glass and Dark Below will be given a 390 Light Hard Mode to bring it in line with Wrath of the Machine. All-in-all, there will be nine Challenge modes for players to enjoy.

It’s also worth noting that Bungie will feature one raid per week throughout April as part of the live event. Crota’s End will get things started, followed by Vault of Glass, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine. There are still some details let to be released, but for now players should assume the best time to get the new raid armor will be during that raid’s focus week.

crota end titan armor age triumph
destiny crotas end new armor

Those who prefer the strikes over the raids in Destiny can rejoice as well, since Bungie is planning to bring some changes to the Nightfall Strikes during Age of Triumph. That said, what changes the developer is planning are still unknown, though with the event launching at the end of the month, details are likely not far away.

While players wait for Age of Triumph to launch, they should probably be taking stock of their Vault inventory. As of right now, Bungie isn’t planning to expand the Vault space for players, meaning any new armor sets players obtain during Age of Triumph will need to fit in the current Vault space players have available.

Destiny’s Age of Triumph event is set to launch March 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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