Destiny's Age of Triumph Will Remove Classic Crucible Playlists

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Longtime Destiny fans, say goodbye to the Classic playlists in the Crucible menu. According to a designer at Bungie, come Age of Triumph, the available Crucible playlists in Destiny will drop from twelve to six. To be specific, the Classic playlists will be removed completely and other lists will rotate.

While the developers at Bungie briefly mentioned changes to the Weekly Crucible playlists in the company's latest Age of Triumph reveal stream, this news was shared by another confirmed Bungie employee on the Destiny subreddit.

The Bungie dev goes by Level_1_Warrior on Reddit, and detailed the additional changes coming to Destiny's PvP offerings:

Core playlists will rotate each week to ensure major modes are given adequate uptime. For example, the 6v6 modes available one week may be Control and Supremacy, while those will rotate to Clash and Rift the next week. Both of Shaxx Weekly bounties will align with what is being offered each week.

But what about those players who do not own the latest Rise of Iron expansion? According to this information, those players will only be able to play the Weekly Featured Crucible Playlist. Previously, those players had access to the Classic playlists, but with their removal that option will be gone.


These changes are no doubt an effort to consolidate and concentrate the current player pool. As Destiny dwindles down (Age of Triumph will be the last hoorah for the game, after all) ahead of the promised release of Destiny 2 later this year, the matchmaking has suffered. While Bungie has not officially revealed player numbers nor the population of players in various playlist queues, the evidence of a declining player pool is clear—long matchmaking times and laggy matches, in particular.

During the latest reveal stream, Bungie showed off that Lord Shaxx would now have two weekly Crucible bounties, which correspond to the two featured 6v6 modes. But Level_1_Warrior issued a correction, saying that while Shaxx's bounties will always be for 6v6 modes, the featured playlists, as usual, will "rotate between things like Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble, Doubles, Zone Control, etc."

Full details and changes will be available in the full patch notes when they drop with the release of Age of Triumph when the live event launches on March 28.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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