Destiny: Age of Triumph New Armor Sets Fully Revealed

destiny age of triumph crota armor concept

Among other things, the last of Destiny's Twitch stream reveals focused on the new armor sets coming in the Age of Triumph live event. In a fashion show, so to speak, Destiny's developer, Bungie, gave fans a good look at the gear they will be chasing once Age of Triumph launches next week.

Earlier this week Bungie said the developer saved the best of Destiny's armor for last, and after seeing it many fans would agree. Age of Triumph will bring newly designed armor sets for each of the returning raids (Vault of Glass, Crota's End, King's Fall) as well as a new set for the current raid, Wrath of the Machine. All of the raid armor features Ornaments, which will be earned by completing Challenge Modes in the weekly featured raid.

In addition, Age of Triumph will also have a set that is signature to the event, similar to what Destiny did with the armor during The Dawning event in December.

destiny age of triumph vault of glass armor concept

Although it may look the same, the Vault of Glass set is slightly different from the armor that players earned in Year 1. Bungie said the designs of the armor are meant to create the idea that Guardians are going back into the Vault of Glass, taking pieces of enemies, and fashioning armor out of them. So they will see thing like a Hunter with a robotic gauntlet and leg, or a Warlock with Gorgon tentacles, robotic legs, and a Vex Timegate bond.

Similarly, the Crota's End and King's Fall armor look fitting for their Hive-focused raids, but that doesn't mean they look drab. While the King's Fall set is a little more understated in comparison to the intense green glow of the Crota's End armor, both sets have a unique feature. Bungie says that the Ornamental effect on this armor absorbs some incoming damage, which causes the special effects of the armor to disappear and then reappear when Recovery begins. Here's that effect in action:


As for the Wrath of the Machine armor set, it is very similar to the standard sets that players have been earning in Rise of Iron, but the special effects enabled by the Ornaments have been taken to a whole new level. In fact, Bungie says this armor set has the most special effects of any armor the developer has ever created for Destiny.

Lastly, the Age of Triumph event set pulls inspiration from armor that was in the game's first year, and adds Chroma. It's also an armor set unique to the Treasure of the Ages loot boxes, which players can earn each week by completing weekly activities (additional treasure boxes will require a purchase via microtransaction through Eververse). The class items in this set, however, will come by way of a new quest that players pick up from the Speaker once the Age of Triumph event begins.

Age of Triumph goes live Tuesday, March 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific. All the armor can be seen in the Destiny reveal stream on Bungie's Twitch channel.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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