Destiny may not be done with all its mysteries, as a new hidden exotic weapon blueprint has appeared in the game leaving fans speculating what it could be.

Destiny: The Taken King introduced a new mechanic that was not there in Year One, hidden exotic weapons that required a number of steps and quests to unlock and acquire. Players knew these weapons existed, partly because they showed up as a Missing Exotic Blueprint.

After Destiny received the December Update on Tuesday, players noticed that a new Missing Exotic Blueprint showed up under the Year 2 Primary Exotic section of the Exotic Weapon kiosk in the Tower. It shows up as soon as a player purchases the Year Two version of MIDA Multi-Tool from the kiosk. Here’s a video:

Some players have speculated that the missing exotic must be a scout rifle because it sits adjacent to other scout rifles. That has led some to the theory that it could be The Fate of All Fools. The Fate of All Fools was an exotic that was shown off during Destiny‘s development, but never actually made it to the game except to one person that Bungie gifted it to.

In Year Two, Fate of All Fools was reborn as The Jade Rabbit, the PlayStation-exclusive exotic that came with The Taken King. Considering the fact that Fate of All Fools is basically already in the game now as The Jade Rabbit (with identical stats and perks), it’s unlikely that it’s the new hidden exotic.

Destiny Sleeper Simulant Quest

Other hidden exotics such as Sleeper Simulant required a lengthy questline to acquire it, while Black Spindle was hidden within a Daily Heroic story mission. This mystery exotic could function in a similar way, but players haven’t found any leads yet.

The last option is that it’s a bug, and there is no additional exotic at all. Especially after the latest patch, there have been some issues that have crept up in the game, including an issue with the Sparrow Racing League Record Book and decrypted engrams not giving any loot. Both have been fixed by Bungie.

It’s all a mystery right now, but since Bungie recently said that Year Two would be more event-based than DLC-based, adding an exotic to the game, potentially connected to a new quest, is one way Bungie could be giving players some more content. The Destiny community is pretty adept and finding out any hidden quests, so if there is indeed something to be found, players may discover it soon.

Do you think Bungie added a new exotic weapon to Destiny in the December Update? What do you think it could be?

Source: Destiny Reddit