Bungie Reveals ‘Destiny’ Achievements, Teases Bungie Day Announcements

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Right now we’re in the middle of a video game lull — caught between the exciting announcements of E3 and the upcoming onslaught of fall releases. While many are trying to use this valuable time to catch up on their backlog, or try out a few Steam Sale purchases, some have their eyes firmly set forward on those titles that are just a few months away.

One such a title that is just around the corner, comparatively speaking, is Destiny, the new MMO-esque shooter from Bungie. Destiny is slated to hit store shelves on September 9th, but a portion of the game will be in some players’ hands even sooner, as a public beta is scheduled for later next month.

That beta was a main talking point of Bungie‘s latest blog post, which also included our first look at the game’s achievements/trophies. And while the post didn’t outright say it, it strongly suggested that Bungie will have some big Destiny announcements ready for Bungie Day (July 7th).

First up is our first look at the Destiny achievement/trophy list, which features plenty of the requisite “perform X task Y number of times” or “finish this mission” tasks. Curiously, the achievement/trophy list does not include any GamerScore points, but that will come in due time. Click the image below for the full achievement/trophy list.

Destiny Achievement Trophy List

In addition to the Destiny achievements reveal, the post also teased more info about the game’s upcoming beta, which is currently slated for July 17th on PlayStation platforms and a little later in the month on Xbox. However, although we now have dates for the Destiny beta, we still don’t know what the experience will entail. We hope that it will be more than just a polished version of the recent first look alpha, but Bungie is keeping quiet.

Gamers shouldn’t have too wait long for more details, though, as Bungie teases a deluge of Destiny announcements on an “auspicious date in the very near future.” As to what that date might be, it seems extremely likely that the developer is referring to Bungie Day on July 7th.

Bungie Day will also apparently include more info about a Destiny Collector’s Edition and what goodies that premium offering will include. The PS4 version of the game has already secured a few exclusives, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Collector’s Edition included more than in-game items.

It’s almost as if we’re planning to drop all the information you need, and more, ahead of Beta on an auspicious date in the very near future. (Sort of vague, I know.)

While Bungie has already spent plenty of time detailing Destiny — from the game’s sprawling universe to its approach to multiplayer — it still feels like there is plenty more to learn about the game. So, keep an eye on Game Rant July 7th for more Destiny news.

What do you think of the Destiny achievements? What are your hopes for a Collector’s Edition of Destiny?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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