A video surfaces online that shows what Bungie’s popular shooter Destiny would look like if it had 60 frames per second instead of the 30 FPS it currently uses.

Destiny is a wildly popular game, smashing sales records, earning $500 million on day one, and continuing to be popular with the gaming community thanks to regular content updates and expansions. However, there are still many ways Destiny can improve. For example, there are those that think 60 frames per second should be the standard for modern first-person shooters, but Destiny runs at 30 FPS across all consoles. But how would Destiny look if it did run at 60 FPS?

A video posted by Twitter user Gatsby shows exactly what Bungie’s popular shooter would look like at 60 FPS. While the animations look a little off at first, it does seem to be a much smoother experience. The footage shows a Control match type being played, with the player in question securing a devastating quad kill using their super ability. To rub salt in the wound of his downed opponents, the player then uses a dancing emote. To see this great action in 60 frames per second, watch the video here.

Seeing Destiny at 60 frames per second may make fans want it in the actual game even more. 60 FPS has been one of the most fan-requested features since launch, but in the interest of parity across consoles, Bungie has decided to restrict the game to 30 FPS. If the PC port of Destiny ever materialized, one would imagine that version of the game would allow 60 FPS, assuming it didn’t have cross-play with the console versions of the game.


It’s true that the original Destiny is restricted to 30 FPS, but that doesn’t mean its 2017 sequel will be. Since Destiny 2 is leaving the PS3 and Xbox 360 behind, there’s a decent chance the sequel could be 60 FPS, especially when the added power of Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro are taken into consideration. So while the wait may be tough, Destiny fans may finally be able to battle it out in the Crucible at a blistering 60 FPS when Destiny 2 releases later this year.

That’s assuming Bungie listens to the fans. Over the course of Destiny‘s lifespan, Bungie has shown an inconsistency when it comes to fan requests. For example, the game finally added private matches four months ago, but Raid matchmaking is still nowhere to be found, despite strong demand for it. Bungie’s inconsistent responses to fan requests means it’s hard to say one way or another if Destiny 2 will end up supporting 60 FPS or not when it releases at some point in 2017.

Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.