4-Hour Destiny Down Time Set for Wednesday

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The Destiny servers will be taken offline for a spell next week, Bungie announced through their site today. Server maintenance is scheduled to take place Wednesday, May 17 starting at 10 AM Pacific (5 PM UTC) and is expected to complete at 2 PM Pacific (9 PM UTC).

Players will be unable to sign in to Destiny during this period. Nor will they be able to access some features of the site or the Destiny Companion app either.

The scheduled maintenance will take place just a day before Bungie unveils the first gameplay footage for Destiny 2, which is streaming live on May 18. It was a little over a month when the sequel was officially announced with a cinematic trailer that previewed some of the hurdles Guardians will have to overcome. The situation on Earth seems bleak, but at least one fan-favorite character finds a way to lighten the mood and reignite hope through the promise of sweet, sweet loot. While the trailer was a nice call to arms, it didn't feature gameplay of any kind.

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Now the world is about to get a glimpse of the highly anticipated sequel in action, but it isn't the only first the audience will be experiencing. The gameplay footage shown will be from the PC version of the game, which marks the first time the series will be seen on that platform. Until the sequel, Destiny had been strictly a console experience, but the doors will be open to PC players when the next game is released later this year.

Don't expect this to change how new content is distributed, however. There has already been word that the PlayStation 4 version of the game will receive exclusive content. This has been the norm for Destiny since launch, so it isn't terribly surprising. PS4 users have regularly gotten timed exclusive content well before those on Xbox. It appears PC will receive the same treatment.

Destiny 2 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 8, 2017.

Source: Bungie

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