‘Destiny’ Fans Create Weapon Replicas & Miniatures Using 3D Printer

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If the last month has taught us anything it’s that Destiny fandom stretches far and wide, and encompasses a large variety of tastes. Some deem the game one of the best of the year, and have been combing through every inch of the game – oftentimes several times over. Others have been less kind to Bungie‘s latest game, maligning everything from the loot system to the lack of story.

However, for those who share in that Destiny enthusiasm we have something quite cool. Several Destiny fans have developed a series of 3D printer templates that replicate various items from the game.

Among the highlights from the bunch include a Destiny coin, a miniature Vandal Captain, and a Cabal Phalanx miniature. Arguably the coolest item available currently through the My Mini Factory site is a life-sized replica of the Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle. Check out a few of the more popular items below:

Every item requires a fair bit of assembly, as well as some painting, but once finished they start to look like the real thing. There’s even a Ghost diagram available for those gamers who missed out on the Destiny Ghost Edition. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but still looks pretty close to the real thing. Chances are, though, that those who have enough money to spend on a 3D printer also had enough to spend on the $150 Limited Edition package.

Clearly the sky is the limit when it comes to 3D printing so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more diagrams pop up in the coming days and weeks. It’s only a matter of time before someone recreates the Sparrow vehicle or even the Vex Mythoclast, one of the top tier weapons from the game. Moreover, since there aren’t too many armor variations available in the game – at least to high level players – it’s possible that some gamers could even create mini replicas of their Guardian.

As was mentioned, Destiny has been a hot button topic since launch, and there are clearly some who absolutely adore the game. This is just one of the cooler ways gamers are showing their Destiny fandom.

What Destiny items would you like a replica of? Which weapon do you think has the coolest design?

Source: My Mini Factory

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