One extremely loyal Destiny fan 3D prints an impressive collection of various guns, ships, and Ghosts from Bungie’s wildly popular action-MMO shooter.

It’s no secret that Destiny fans are a dedicated and creative bunch, with one recent bit of proof being a modder’s recreation of the King’s Fall raid with DOOM‘s SnapMap level editor. Of course, there are also plenty of Guardians who have utilized their imaginative abilities to make products related to Bungie’s sci-fi shooter outside of the realm of video games.

As a matter of fact, one Destiny fan and Redditor going by the handle Joker_Bingo took it upon themselves to purchase a 3D printer with the express purpose of assembling a veritable treasure trove of collectibles from the game. The Redditor’s stockpile of goodies is comprised of an assortment of different items, such as Hand Cannons, Ghost companions, Guardian ships, and even the MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle, which at one point was the most-used PvP gun.

As seen in the image below, Joker_Bingo arranged all of the wares related to Destiny in an aesthetically pleasing manner so as to not only show off their diversity, but also make it easier for folks at home to view them. Interestingly enough, the Destiny subreddit on which the still was posted, Joker_Bingo even gave tips to other fans who might wish to follow suit and create their own memorabilia from the game in the same manner. Naturally, it goes without saying that one would need a 3D printer, but after that step’s completed, fans can get designs from the sites My Mini Factory and Destiny STL Generator.


Of course, Joker_Bingo’s Destiny collection isn’t the first time players of the title have 3D printed stuff from the game. As it happens, one fan used the process to craft a life-sized Solar Sword replica. Even earlier than that, close to the base game’s Year One launch, in fact, were the gamers who made a bunch of different 3D printed weapons and enemies, such as a Destiny coin, a miniature Vandal Captain, a tiny Cabal Phalanx, and even a full-sized Fusion Rifle.

In any event, once 3D printers become a more inexpensive product in the near future, we’re likely to see an explosion of fan-made products that pay homage to folks’ favorite intellectual properties. Not to mention, with gamers 3D printing objects like their own working, fully-functional Pip-Boys from Fallout 4, it’s a wonder how the manufacturing process is eventually going to impact industry and the global market on the whole once it becomes more readily available to consumers.

What do you think about Joker_Bingo’s collection of Destiny guns, Ghosts, and Guardian ships? Does it inspire you to take up 3D printing to make your own items inspired by Bungie’s game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One

Source: Reddit