Destiny Director Dispels Destiny 3 Open World Rumor

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This week saw a massive three-part series of written commentaries from Destiny 2 franchise director Luke Smith about the past, present, and future of the game. But it appears that within the final part of Smith's "Director's Cut" blog posts about Destiny 2, he also dispels a rumor concerning Destiny 3.

Bungie has never publicly said that it is working on Destiny 3; however, that has not stopped supposed leakers from sharing rumors and alleged leaks about what the developer may be working on for Destiny 3. One of those rumors is that Destiny 3 will have one large open world that will combine PvE and PvP instead of how the series has had various destinations and a clear split between PvE with cooperative multiplayer in the Crucible's PvP arenas.

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While subtle, it looks like Smith takes aim at this rumor and dispels it outright. As he is explaining how Destiny 2 cannot continue to grow infinitely both in terms of technical limitations and within the vision of Bungie, he clarifies that Bungie's vision for a single, evolving world does not mean having only one big open world to play in:

"It’s why the second component of the vision is a single, evolving world (to clarify, that single evolving world doesn’t mean there’s only one destination on the Director—that’s not where we’re heading!)."

It is pretty clear from Smith's comments that the future of the franchise, which is assumed to be heading in the direction of Destiny 3 eventually (some analysts predict it to release in 2020), will not completely rework the format of the game into an open-world RPG. Bungie definitely wants Destiny to be an "amazing action MMO, in a single, evolving world, that you can play anytime, anywhere with your friends," a statement Bungie has used ever since the reveal of the Shadowkeep expansion to define its vision for the franchise in a post-Activision world.

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If some of the previous Destiny 3 leaks are legitimate, it is possible that this language of a "single, evolving world" could have been misconstrued to mean a literal open world instead of a more holistic evolution of the game as Bungie has used it publicly in recent months, but considering this is all based upon rumors, it is hard to know exactly where any of these supposed leaks could have stemmed from.

But what does seem certain is that fans can expect a similar structure for Destiny, both within Destiny 2 and into the future of the franchise, whatever form that may take.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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