If nothing else it’s fair to say that the Destiny community is a patient bunch, willing to “suffer” through content droughts, inconsistent messaging on the part of developer Bungie, and a struggle with RNG that can be utterly deflating at times. But even as some malign Destiny for any of a number of admittedly justifiable reasons, other players continue to find new sources of entertainment within the game world.

One way that many players get a little extra mileage out of Destiny is through unique, self-imposed challenge runs. These can be anything from solo attempts at raids or speed runs through specific pieces of content – any way to try and make the game a little harder seems to be the goal.

Those interested in seeing some of these feats needn’t look much further than The Legend Himself, a Destiny clan known for all manner of solo runs, speed runs, and unique challenges. If there’s a challenge in Destiny chances someone from the clan has attempted it, and typically they succeed.

The latest in that long run of success is perhaps the most impressive: a 3-man completion of the Oryx Challenge in King’s Fall. According to Great Gatsby, the strategy for completing this challenge within the challenge took over 100 hours to get right, and dozens upon dozens of attempts. Check it out below:

As Great Gatsby mentions on Reddit, the key to beating the Oryx Challenge with so few players comes down to blind spots. Because a three-person team can’t possible handle all of the enemies in the instance, the players needed to find a place to kill their Light Eater Ogres where the Vessel wouldn’t consume the Corrupted Light Bombs. After finding a couple blind spots it only became a matter of surviving all the numerous hazards around the map.

Well, that and waiting for Bungie to patch the teleporting Ogres glitch that had been in King’s Fall since its launch. The teleporting Ogres had been known to derail countless Normal and Hard mode runs in King’s Fall, but they were particularly troublesome for players attempting solo or limited team runs. Thankfully, the glitch is a thing of the past and now the team was clear to complete their Oryx Challenge 3-man.

While some may scoff at completing a challenge like this, we have to take our hats off to Great Gatsby, Commander Cuesta, and Senior Snubby. There may not be much new content to enjoy in Destiny, but these three found a new challenge to obsess over and came out on top.

Source: Reddit