Bungie Already Has Ideas for Destiny 3, Says Nolan North

Destiny 3 Story Roadmap

Nolan North says Bungie has already sketched out Destiny 3's story, according to an attendee of Australia's Supanova Expo. Nolan North voices the indomitable ghost of the player character in Destiny, the adored floating tiny robot that provides both life and light. With Destiny 2's gameplay unveiling this past week, featuring a dramatic introduction to the game's single-player campaign, story speculation is running rampant. Nolan's seemingly innocuous comments have only added fuel to the fire.

Destiny 2's story, for those who aren't familiar with this past week's revelations, involves a Cabal attack on Earth. The reasons for that attack revolve around the capture of the Traveler, the moon-like floating orb that protects the Last City and gives power to Earth's Guardians. The ghosts are the Traveler's servants, so a story tied to the Guardians losing the Traveler to the Cabal has many worried regarding the status of the ghosts.

It should then be understandable why Nolan North's comments have created a discussion. If Nolan's already involved in Bungie's road map as far out as Destiny 3, then it means that the Guardians clearly retain some amount of connection with the Traveler. Just what that means regarding Destiny 2's story and its conclusion remains to be seen.

Destiny 3 Story Roadmap - Traveler

Apart from the direct ramifications of ghost's continued role in the Destiny universe, it's also interesting to consider what this means purely from a development perspective. The original Destiny is now well known for its dramatically tumultuous development, including what's said to be a complete rework of the game's story near to launch. The chaos continued post-launch, with various content said to be scrapped, moved around in DLC, or even cut and recycled in Destiny 2 -- which remains to be seen.

If Bungie has already laid out a road map to Destiny 3, it shows that the studio has made due on its promise to deliver the story fans wanted so badly in the original game. Stability shows confidence, and confidence means Bungie is getting the time and resources to do Destiny 2's story the way they want.

Keep in mind, though, that it's not just Destiny 2 that lies between now and Destiny 3. There's also certain to be several major expansions with significant story events over the next years. The better Destiny 2's story is at launch, the brighter the franchise's future. Here's to Nolan teasing a brighter Destiny future, in addition to his role as Ghost.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

Source: Reddit

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