A Destiny fan makes a 2D side scroller homage to the sci-fi FPS in honor of Bungie’s 25th anniversary celebration and Bungie Day with spectacular results.

On July 7, Destiny fans received Moments of Triumph for Year Two, a collection of challenges to complete in Destiny to earn exclusive emblems and shaders. It was all in celebration of Bungie Day, which comes around every year on July 7 (7/7) to mark Bungie’s obsession with the number seven.

The “holiday,” which was started years ago by fans of Bungie, is meant to celebrate the community around Bungie’s games. In commemoration of the day, one Destiny fan created a 2D side-scrolling shooter inspired by the game.

The maker of the game, known as Helix3333 on Reddit, made the game after being inspired by some art someone posted on the Destiny subreddit that imaged the game as a 2D side scroller. The game is titled Project Tiger, referencing the code name that Destiny had during its development.

destiny project tiger 2d sidescroller boss

The game is free to download for PC and Mac, but the links across Google Drive and Dropbox keep getting shut down by those services due to too much traffic. Helix3333 keeps editing the original Reddit thread with updated working links so that’s the best place to look for good download sources.

Some gameplay of Project Tiger  has been posted on YouTube:

Helix3333 says the game took a few months to create, and the plan from the beginning was to release it this year on Bungie Day:

I made this over the past few months in some spare time and had a lot of fun with it, and I thought it would be a great way to help celebrate Bungie Day! So please have a go, play it, beat it, find any secrets and try not to break it, although there’s no guarantee that wont happen anyway. Thanks again and Happy Bungie Day!

Project Tiger has gotten a lot of attention since being posted on Reddit and as other sites have picked up on it. Even some of the developers have taken notice, including Bungie designer Evan Nikolich:

As for Destiny, the next major expansion known as Rise of Iron is on the horizon for a fall release. There weren’t any announcements made about Rise of Iron during Bungie Day this year and very little came out of E3, but Bungie promises that more information about the next adventure for fans of the game will come over the course of the summer.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will launch September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit (via Polygon)

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