'Destiny' Nets 20 Million Twitch Views in First Week

Destiny Twitch Views Launch Week

The reviews of the game may have highlighted as many problems as strengths, but Destiny has won the day based on sheer volume of sales, and the already impressive size of its community. After becoming the most pre-ordered new IP in history, the game went on to make up its $500 million budget in the first day on sale (and has since made $325 million from those copies sold to retailers).

With that many people eager to not just play the game, but show it off to others, Activision's newest IP has made a sizable dent in the streaming service Twitch. According to the publisher, Destiny has attracted 5 million unique viewers in its first week for a total of 20 million Twitch views - for a grand total of 240 million minutes.

Bungie has shown a knack for creating rabid fan bases and players eager to see not only what the game offers them directly, but what other players have managed to find. And that extends to the optimal strategies for tackling absurdly difficult Raids - as well as a few easter eggs involving their previous blockbuster franchise. And while the game has only been on sale for a short time, the early adopters haven't disappointed, taking their enthusiasm for the game from their own console to the masses online.

In an official press release, Bungie's community manager David Dague explained that the extent to which gamers have already adopted the new IP may not come as a surprise, but the developers are pleased all the same:

"Our community has always blown us away with their desire to share, entertain, and inspire. Watching them broadcast their Destiny experiences on Twitch - from the Tower to the Crucible to the Vault of Glass Raid - has been nothing short of amazing. We're humbled by the enthusiasm and we hope our community knows we're watching and laughing and applauding back home at the studio."

Destiny E3 2014 Screenshot 3

Dague stopped short of explaining if the desire to recreate scenes from films like Guardians of the Galaxy in-game also has the team laughing and applauding, but we would assume that's the case. But as the most successful game launch of 2014 - where Twitch traffic is concerned - the developers have earned themselves a pat on the back for crafting a shooter/MMO that has clearly captured the attention of millions. Even if the lower review scores may end up costing Bungie a few million dollars in the end.

Have you bee among the millions of Twitch viewers taking a closer look at Destiny in its launch week? Do you think the traffic is owed to the players themselves, or curious potential buyers doing some window shopping before picking up a copy? Sound off in the comments.

Destiny is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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