Destiny 2: Xur Accidentally Sold PS4-Exclusive Weapon to PC, Xbox Players

destiny 2 ps4 exclusive wavesplitter

Earlier today Destiny 2 players on Xbox and PC were surprised to find Xur selling the Wavesplitter, a PlayStation 4-exclusive weapon that must stay that way until fall 2019 at the earliest. Still, plenty of Destiny 2 players on Xbox and PC made the most of the mistake and purchased the Wavesplitter before Bungie "fixed" the problem and removed the weapon from Xur's supply.

Shortly after the mistake, Bungie community manager Cosmo posted an update on the official Destiny 2 forum, confirming the mistake and bearing bad news. Use of the Wavesplitter on PC and Xbox will, unfortunately, have to be disabled as soon as Bungie is able to put together a fix.

The silver lining of Cosmo's announcement is that those who purchased the Wavesplitter will be able to keep it. Bungie's fix will prevent players from equipping and using the trace wifle, but come September 2019 when Sony's Wavesplitter PS4 exclusivity ends for the weapon it'll unlock with no further action required. Other PC and Xbox players will have to earn Wavesplitter as a drop or buy it officially from Xur at a later date.

While some players had hoped that Bungie would accept the mistake and let players keep the weapon, the developer unfortunately doesn't have a say in the matter. Contracts like the one Sony has for Destiny 2 are legally binding and Bungie has to maintain the expectations of the agreement, even if after Bungie split from Activision the studio has no intention of pursuing future exclusivity agreements. Even this small accident may cause the Destiny 2 developers some trouble.

destiny 2 ps4 exclusives

Destiny players are no strangers to the franchise's frustrating exclusivity agreements with Sony. From Strikes to Exotics and more, the PlayStation 4 has offered a selection of content for both Destiny and Destiny 2 players that Xbox players and then PC players have had to wait lengthy periods of time for. This kind of slip up by Bungie would be so much more frustrating for players if they weren't already used to having to deal with the exclusivity agreements in the first place.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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