According to a recent update from developer Bungie, the first week of Destiny 2 will not feature an appearance by the mysterious vendor Xur. Instead Xur will make his official Destiny 2 debut on September 15th, during the second week of the game’s release.

News of Xur’s return, as well as a full month’s worth of events for Destiny 2, were revealed by Bungie as part of the studio’s weekly update. In addition to a Xur schedule, the developer also confirmed the release date for the Leviathan raid, revealed what each Nightfall Strike will be, and revealed the modes for Trials of the Nine for the first few iterations.

destiny 2 month 1 calendar

In the past, Bungie has preferred to keep most of its weekly events mysterious, so this new calendar comes as somewhat of a surprise. Usually players don’t find out what the new strike is, or what the new mode is for Trials, before the event goes live for its weekly rotation.

That being said, there are still plenty of surprises for players to look forward to in each event. We don’t know which exotics Xur will sell for each week, and we don’t know which hiding spot he will choose. Apparently, finding Xur will be a little more difficult, as a prior leak claimed he could appear on any of the four patrol areas, as well as the social spaces in the game.

While some may be disappointed that Xur will not be making an appearance Friday morning, which is likely for the best. We still don’t know how Xur works in terms of his economy and wares. The aforementioned leak said that Xur’s currency is now Legendary Shards, but players don’t know what each exotic item will cost.

Moreover, legendary shards are a valuable currency for upgrading gear, so it is in player’s best interest to focus on spending them on upgrades rather than worry about Xur. And Bungie likely knew that, so the developer decided not to have Xur appear during the first week, lest we have another Gjallarhorn situation like in year 1.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. It will release for PC on October 24th.