Bungie Removes Destiny 2 XP Scaling System That Limits Progress

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After strong backlash from the Destiny 2 community, Bungie is removing the XP cooldown from the game effective immediately. Players will now be able to earn experience in equal quantities no matter how fast (or slow) they complete an activity.

While Bungie could have easily skirted around the issue, instead the developer came out and confirmed that Destiny 2 has a system that scales up XP for longer activities and scales down when activities “can be quickly, repeatedly chained.” According to Bungie, “they are not happy with the results” of this system.

The XP cooldown in Destiny 2, for those that might not know, essentially limited the amount of experience a player could earn by repeating fast activities. So, one Public Event completion delivers the normal amount of XP, but the 4th Public Event in a row would dole out far less XP.

To make matters worse, the Destiny 2 XP bar would tell players how much they should be receiving for completing an activity with a plus sign and a number, but the progress on the bar itself would actually be much smaller. Most players were unaware that Destiny 2 even had an XP cooldown until the Clarion Call event last week, which was supposed to offer double XP but with the cooldown things didn’t really feel that way.

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It’s a shame that Bungie could not have made this change before the Clarion Call event so players could get the full effect of the double XP, but that’s, unfortunately, par for the course with Bungie as of late. The developer only sees things as being truly problematic once the community backlash reaches a fever pitch, and only then will things start to get better.

While the XP cooldown removal is a good start for Destiny 2, there are still plenty more confusing “features” that players would like to see removed. For example, the game also has a cooldown on opening chests that leaves destination and Cayde chests empty if players open them too fast. It’s another odd system in the game and one that discourages people from playing too fast.

Bungie has one more livestream scheduled for next week where the developer plans to detail the new gear available in Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC. However, most dedicated players are hoping Bungie will have more reveals like the one today – explanations for how they are improving the quality of life of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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