Destiny 2: How to Complete the Xenophage Exotic Quest

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep received a big update and shot in the arm this week with the arrival of Festival of the Lost, a new Crucible mode, a dungeon, and an exotic quest. The quest is for the exotic machinegun Xenophage, which is a slow-firing machinegun that fires heavy, explosive rounds. Earning it is a lengthy, multi-step quest that takes players across the Moon and into the new dungeon.

The first thing players may want to do is make sure they complete the quest from Eris that unlocks the Pit of Heresy dungeon, as the quest will ultimately lead players there. This involves playing and completing the new Altars of Sorrow event in Sorrow's Harbor. This step can be done later down the line in the quest for Xenophage if players choose to, but it might be better to get it done first.

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1. How to start the Xenophage quest

To start the Xenophage quest, Destiny 2 players need to head to the Enduring Abyss, where the pyramid ship is located. Either players can go through an active portal in Sanctuary where Eris is located to warp almost directly there, but if players do not have a Memory Fragment to open the portal themselves or luck into instancing into the area when the portal is active, players can get there on patrol.

Head to Sorrow's Harbor and go into the keep and head left through a doorway and into some tunnels. Eventually there will be a path to the right and above that will take players to the room where they can see the pyramid ship. There are the four statues in this room that players may have noticed before, but now they can be interacted with. Players need to get all four statues glowing at the same time to open the chest and start the quest.

While players can solve it and even luck into getting the statues activated, one sure-fire way to get them activated is top right, bottom right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right.

2. Activate plates in Anchor of Light

Next, players should head to and Anchor of Light area of the Moon. In one of the small buildings near the larger building the north of the area, players will find a glowing orb. Many players have found this place previously but they were unable to pick up the orb. Now, once players have the quest, they can pick it up. Players need to take the orb to six different Hive bowls/plates around the area to activate them. Players have to be quick as they have one minute between each plate to get to the next one. Check out this video to see the correct path to take (via Esoterickk):

3. Solve puzzles in Lost Sectors

Next, players will need to head into each of the Moon's Lost Sectors and solve a Hive rune puzzle that works kind of like a Rubik's Cube. Players need to shoot at the grid of symbols to switch up the row and column connected to the symbol that is shot. The goal is to get every single symbol to match the symbol above the grid. It is possible for players to figure this out on their own and there are numerous combinations that can work, but here are combinations that work (via Datto):

  • K1 Logistics (Archer's Line): Top left, bottom left, middle, middle right.
  • K1 Communion (Anchor of Light): Bottom left, bottom right, top middle, top middle.
  • K1 Crew Quarters (Hellmouth): Top right, middle left, middle, bottom middle, bottom right, bottom right, bottom middle, bottom middle.
  • K1 Revelation (Sorrow's Harbor): Middle left, middle, middle, middle left, middle top, middle bottom, middle, middle right.

These symbols can be found after clearing each Lost Sector in the exit route out of the Lost Sector.

4. Enter the Pit of Heresy Dungeon and Clear the First Encounter

Players need to go into the Pit of Heresy dungeon next and get through the first encounter. The first encounter involves taking down three bosses with a Hive sword. There is a great walkthrough of that here (via KackisHD):

After getting through the first encounter, players will find themselves in front of a wall of numerous doors. Each one has a chain and rune hanging above it, except for one in the top left part of the wall. Players need to jump up to that door, watching out for the bumpers that will come out of the other doors to knock players off the ledge. Inside that door is a symbol that players can interact with to "Reveal Path's End."

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5. Continue on in the dungeon

Players then need to head to the next encounter down in a maze of caves and roaming ogres. Head down to the left side of the area and drop down to a ledge. Ahead is a Hive plate that can be activated, which brings up platforms that players need to jump across and grab another orb of light as they did in Anchor of Light earlier.  Head to the right side of the caves to find a door where players can put in the orb and open the door.

6. Defeat the secret boss, Volmar the Tempted

Players will enter the next area where there is a secret boss, a Hive Wizard named Volmar the Tempted. In this boss fight, players will be given one of four debuffs: Abyssal Dread, Thunderous Dread, Firey Dread, and Neutral Dread. Abyssal is related to void energy, Thunderous to arc, Firey to solar, and neutral to kinetic. Players can see in the room just outside the boss room that there are symbols associated with each of these elements.

Once players enter the room, they need to jump to the center platform and pick up an orb of light and then slam it in one of the corners of the room that has their matching symbol based on their Dread debuff. Doing so will allow players to damage the boss with the matching element of their debuff for a short time. Use weapons and abilities with that matching debuff and then repeat the process until the boss is dead.

7. Return to Eris

Players do not need to complete the dungeon once the boss has been defeated. Players can transmat straight back to Eris Morn and they will be rewarded with the Xenophage machinegun.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: Datto, KackisHD, Esoterickk

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