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Destiny 2 Features 4 Explorable Worlds - Underground

The long awaited reveal of Destiny 2 finally took place last week, giving fans around the world a first look at what Bungie is planning for the highly anticipated sequel. A core campaign mission called Homecoming showed off how Bungie is now integrating cutscenes into the gameplay, along with new subclasses like the Warlock Dawnblade. For many though, the promise of four new locations to explore holds the most promise as they also give players a lot more to do this time around.

In a recent interview, Steve Cotton, Destiny 2's world director, confirmed that the studio's motivation for these four new open worlds was to keep players in the game world more often. To help accomplish this, the team made sure to fill out each of the four locations with things to do while also removing the need to return to orbit in order to switch activities. Planets are designed to make the player want to explore and to continually tease about what may be waiting around the corner.

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The locations are not only bigger in scope, but much bigger in size as well to help accommodate all of this new content. Part of giving players more things to do is with Adventures and Lost Sectors, which join returning content like public events and patrols. The map has also been revamped, providing added detail to players including where and when public events are starting. The larger spaces also feature small towns or settlements where players can catch a breather and interact with human NPC characters trying to rebuild after the devastating Cabal attack. Some characters even offer new side quests or points of interest, giving players even more things to do.

All in all, keeping Destiny 2 a good action game is what matters most to the studio, including having locations that support that. Each place is meant to have a visual identity, from Titan's methane oceans and sulfer tornadoes, to the lush vegetation and rocky surface of the planetoid known as Nessus. When all of these new features and tweaks are added together, Bungie hopes that these diverse locations push players to really explore them and keep them coming back for more.

What do you think of all the changes coming to the open world sandbox? Which location will be your favorite at launch?

Destiny 2 is set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017 with PC to follow at a later date.

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