Destiny 2: How to Complete the With Both Hands Raid Challenge in Crown of Sorrow

gahlran in crown of sorrow

For those Destiny 2 players whose clans have reached rank 4 there is another challenge available to complete in the Crown of Sorrow raid. Dubbed the ‘With Both Hands’ challenge, this latest raid objective is to be completed during the final boss fight with Gahlran.

As the name implies, the With Both Hands challenge will have Destiny 2 raiders changing up their strategy when it comes to shooting Gahlran’s hands during the boss fight, specifically the damage phase. Typically, the fireteam will shoot the hands to lower them and continue the DPS phase, but this challenge requires that specific players shoot the hands as specific times.

If everything is going right, there should be three instances where Gahlran raises his hands in order to kill the fireteam. Shooting each hand lowers them back down and then the team is free to shoot his head or body to deal out more damage. To complete the With Both Hands challenge, only one player can shoot one hand during each of these three hand-raising phases. If someone else shoots a hand out of turn or after shooting a different hand, then the team will fail the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid challenge.

With that in mind, the strategy should be to split the fireteam into teams of two, which most do already. These teams are typically in charge of a section of the raid arena, commonly labeled ‘Stairs,’ ‘Void’, and ‘Dogs,’ and they will now be in charge of a single hand during one of those three phases.

raid entrance

So, Stairs team member 1 will shoot the left hand at first hand raise and Stairs team member 2 will shoot the right hand at first hand raise. The team will continue doing damage until the hand raising begins again. Then, Void team member 1 will shoot the left hand and Void team member 2 will shoot the left hand to start another DPS phase. And finally the Dogs duo will each shoot one hand to close everything out.

If the team does not defeat Gahlran in one full damage phase they will need to make sure that they complete the whole cycle again to finish the challenge. That means all six players must shoot 1 hand during the next damage phase or else it is a fail.

Once complete, Destiny 2 players can claim an extra piece of Crown of Sorrow raid loot, which will be powerful. The only items that can’t drop from the bounty are the Tarrabah raid exotic and the curated versions of the weapons.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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