When it comes to Destiny 2, players will want to make sure they have the most powerful weapons possible to succeed in the game’s various activities. Those struggling with the Leviathan raid, for example, may want to seek out some new firepower to give them an edge, and if so, they should consider hunting down the game’s best DPS weapons.

Destiny 2 weapons are separated into three categories: Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Kinetic weapons shoot standard bullets and are best used against enemies with downed shields. Energy weapons, meanwhile, are useful for taking down shields in the first place. And finally, Power weapons are things like rocket launchers that use rare ammo and tend to deal the most damage overall.

The Destiny 2 community has collected data on all of the weapons in the game to determine the best DPS weapons for each category. Read on to discover the best DPS weapons in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: Which Weapons Offer the Best DPS - Sweet Business

As stated previously, Kinetic weapons are best used to drain healthbars, and aren’t nearly as useful against shielded foes. When it comes to Kinetic weapons, those that are DPS-minded will want to pick up the Better Devils hand cannon, which deals about 723 magazine DPS, as well as the Scathelocke auto rifle (728 magazine dps) and the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle (767 magazine dps). Players earn the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle by decrypting an exotic engram, so obtaining one may take some time and luck.

While those three weapons deal the most DPS when it comes to Destiny 2‘s lineup of Kinetic weapons, players may also want to consider hunting down the exotic Kinetic weapons. Besides the Sweet Business auto rifle, players can also obtain the Vigilance Wing pulse rifle, which can be purchased from Xur when in stock, as well as the popular Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle.

As far as the Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle goes, players will actually have to complete a quest to obtain it instead of just getting it as a loot drop. The first step is completing all the main story missions as well as the EDZ bonus missions, and then picking up Mida Mini-Tool from Devrim Kay.

When that’s done, players will need to prove their worth with scout rifles by getting 50 precision kills and 25 kills without reloading with one. Along the way, players will need to collect and dismantle five Blue or Legendary tier scout rifles, and then finish off the quest by getting 50 airborne kills with an SMG across any of the game’s modes.


Destiny 2 coldheart rifle

Energy weapons in Destiny 2 are primarily used to destroy enemy shields. As a result, they tend to do less damage per second than Kinetic weapons, but even so, there are very powerful Energy weapons to be had in the game. Unfortunately, the Energy weapon that deals the most DPS at 695 is the Coldheart trace rifle, which is only available to those that pre-ordered the game. And even then, those that have access to the Coldheart trace rifle need to finish the story, reach level 20, and talk to the Gunsmith before they can collect it.

The second-best Energy weapon in terms of magazine DPS is The Prosecutor auto rifle at 657, followed by The Number auto rifle at 654. There are three exotic weapons worth seeking out as well, with the Hard Light auto rifle and Skyburner’s Oath joining Coldheart in the exotic Energy weapon category.


destiny 2 wardcliff coil exotic

Power weapons are the most devastating weapons in Destiny 2 and use the rarest ammo as a result. The top three Power weapons in the game for magazine DPS seem to be the Curtain Call rocket launcher (4,109 magazine DPS), the Sins of the Past rocket launcher (4,2014 magazine DPS), and the Wardcliff Coil exotic weapon rocket launcher (2,886 magazine DPS), the latter of which is one of the best weapons for beating the Leviathan raid. There’s also the Merciless exotic fusion rifle that players may want to collect as well.

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The aforementioned weapons offer the best DPS in Destiny 2 at the time of this writing, but that could change in the future. Bungie could nerf some of the weapons listed here with balancing patches later on, plus even stronger guns could be introduced in future expansion packs like The Curse of Osiris. For now, though, any Guardians looking for an edge in Destiny 2 should be able to do so by seeking out and equipping the powerful weapons listed here.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release scheduled for October 24, 2017.

Source: D2 Damage Testing Sheet