It’s been a tense week for players, as the second Faction Rally has been raging in Destiny 2 for the past seven days. For players who log in, it appears that Dead Orbit has been knocked off its throne courtesy of New Monarchy. Victorious players can claim their Honor’s Edge sword from Executor Hideo in the Bazaar for a special low price. While fans of Dead Orbit and Future War Cult wait for the next Faction Rally to get their revenge, new events have been detailed to give players something to look forward to. Clarion Calls will be adding double XP this coming weekend for Fireteam members before Season 2 kicks off in December.

With the launch of the Xbox One X and the continued success of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Bungie is also planning on giving those owners new ways of maximizing that new hardware power. Alongside the Curse of Osiris DLC, Bungie will also be launching a new patch that features a number of new enhancements for those hardware owners including High Dynamic Range lighting, full 4K resolution for Xbox One X and adaptive 4K for PS4 Pro.

destiny 2 faction rally new monarchy weapons

As expected, the weekly reset has returned to Destiny 2, bringing with it plenty of new quests, activities, and milestones for players to chase over the next seven days. Here’s everything players need to know for the week of November 14, 2017.

Weekly Nightfall Strike

This week in the Nightfall, players will be diving deep into the Arcology on Titan in the Savathun’s Song strike. With a missing fireteam trapped somewhere below, Guardians will have to brave the Hive infested nests to find out what happened to the team.

After reaching the Solarium, players will have to work together for a little wave defense combat. With Ghost attempting to remove wards from the door, players will be swarmed with Hive. Beyond that point, players will face off with an Ogre, so make sure to keep some space between the hulking creature as its rapid-fire energy shots can do massive damage very quickly.

Destiny Concept Art Hive Monster

Players will next come across Hive summoning stones and void crystals. Taking out all six sounds easier than it is, as each is guarded by Hive Knights. Savathun’s Handmaidens and ogres also join the fight, which needs to be destroyed to lower a shield on the crystals.

Before long, players reach the final room and a confrontation with Savathun’s Song, a large shrieker which starts teleporting around the room as the HIve flood in. Players should concentrate on the Hive enemies as clearing them out will provide small windows of opportunity to shoot at Savathun’s Song. Two Ogres enter the fray when the health of the boss reaches 50% and then at 25%, Savathun’s Song gains a light shield. In order to drop the shield, find and destroy a nearby void crystal to finish off the boss and complete the mission.

The modifiers and challenges this week are:

  • Momentum: While standing still health and shield regeneration are disabled. Players need to sprint in order to trigger the regeneration process.
  • Timewarp: Anomalies: Destroy any detected anomalies during the mission to increase the Nightfall timer.

The player challenges for this week are:

  • Speed of Dark requires the fireteam to finish the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining on the clock.
  • To earn Unbroken, the fireteam needs to complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • The Best Defense can be completed by shooting down 15 projectiles before defeating Savathun’s Song.

Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps

To go along with the NIghtfall this week, the Flashpoint is set on Titan. As usual, players simply need to take part in various public events on the moon, with successful completions or triggering Heroic events completing the quest much faster.  Once finished, head back to Cayde-6 to turn it in and earn a luminous planetary engram.

Destiny 2 'Last Call' Teaser Trailer

Treasure hunters should visit the exo before heading out to Titan as his five weekly treasure maps are available for purchase. Cayde’s Stashes offer players a mixed bag of loot, sometimes good and sometimes not so great. The potential rewards for finding each one ranges from rare gear, items to turn in for glimmer, to more interesting things like new emblems and potential exotic engrams. Players are urged to mix up their activities once in a while during the search due to Bungie’s forced chest lockout timer, which essentially removes the ability to earn a reward for players that open too many chests consecutively.

Here are the five general stash locations this week on Titan:

  • Cache 1 can be found in Siren’s Watch, so fast travel to that location and immediately head back towards to the Sinking Docks zone where players first arrived during the story. Walk through a tunnel on a catwalk and the familiar blue glow can be found under the walkway.
  • Cache 2 is also located in Siren’s Watch, so fast travel back to that point and head towards the middle section before entering The Rig. The chest is sitting inside the first tower players run through so make sure to stop and look before leaving through the door.
  • Cache 3 is on The Rig, so fast travel to that location and it can be found under some staircases off of the middle Hive ridden room. Consult the map for the general location.
  • Cache 4 is hidden within the Tidal Anchor to the south of The Rig. Head towards the massive blue building off of The Rig and immediately take a left through the hive infested door once inside. Continue following the path to the open control room overlooking the Tidal Anchors and head down into the lower room. Clear out the Hive and the chest can be found in there.
  • The final cache for this week is in the Solarium. Without a close fast travel point to utilize, head to The Rig and begin the long walk to the Solarium. Run through the colored window and head to the door at the back of the room to the right. Continue following the path until a small hallway is reached with a roomba looking robot vacuuming. The stash is hidden to the left side in between two walls. Players who enter the Festering Halls right after have gone too far.

Leviathan Raid Encounter Order/Weekly Challenge

As it is each and every reset, the Leviathan Raid encounter order has once again changed. The long-term goal of this policy helps keep the mode fresh for players continually going in, but it also helps newer players get used to the Raid and gives them an opportunity to play each part even if struggling.

The active Gauntlet Challenge for this week is set within the Pleasure Gardens. Read our Gauntlet challenge guide for more.

This week, the order is as follows:

  • Gauntlet
  • Baths (Pools)
  • Pleasure Gardens
  • Emperor Calus

Destiny 2 final boss Emperor Calus win 4 minutes

Lord Shaxx Crucible Milestone

Last but not least comes the weekly Call to Arms. This Crucible oriented milestone requires that players participate anywhere between 4-6 PvP matches from either the Quickplay or Competitive playlists. Finish the milestone and return to Shaxx to earn his weekly engram.

Call to Arms – Win glory by participating in Crucible matches.

And that’s all for this week, Guardians. Enjoy!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.