There seems to be cause for optimism in Destiny fans as of late. While the original game’s playerbase never truly dwindled despite sustained player complaints regarding its end-game content, there was always the sense that Destiny 2 would have to demonstrate that Bungie has learned from its mistakes prior to launch to get people excited about the franchise again. So far, however, Bungie has likely surpassed expectation from fans, with the developer showcasing exciting changes to Destiny 2‘s PvP approach alongside evidence that the mistakes made during Destiny‘s lifespan won’t be repeated again.

One of the biggest points of contention in the original Destiny was that, for a game clearly influenced by MMORPG titles, it had a stifling lack of character and weapon customization – essentially, Destiny‘s end-game often felt like there were only a few viable class combinations, and the less said about the notorious Gjallarhorn, the better. That seems set to change in Destiny 2, though, as a Reddit user by the name of EireneRR4_ recently attended the Virgin Media Destiny 2 Beta Experience and came away with some extremely interesting information. According to that user, Destiny 2 legendary guns will each possess multiple mods and shaders that will allow players to customize them in ways they simply couldn’t in Destiny.

The information comes from an observation EireneRR4_ made while navigating Destiny 2‘s beta inspect weapon page, which featured a line of 3 boxes underneath the perk tree that were labeled as “mod”, “elemental”, and “shader”. The mod and shader sections each had a number of empty slots, indicating that weapons will likely be far more colorful, and powerful, in the coming Destiny 2. The power of tilting a gun’s abilities toward the specific needs of a given class or Destiny 2 sub-class can’t be overstated – it should make combat much more refined and varied.

destiny 2 weapon mod slot

Although EireneRR4_ provided photo evidence that they attended the Destiny 2 beta event, those looking for more proof that Destiny 2 weapons will be getting multiple mods and shaders won’t have to wait too much longer. Bungie’s beta test for the game kicks off in the next few days, and those interested in a chance to experience the Destiny 2 beta should check out Game Rant’s Destiny 2 beta code giveaway.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, followed by a PC release on October 24.

Source: Reddit