With Destiny 2: Forsaken adding a new mod system to the game, many fans are wondering how the new mods will work with year one weapons. Today, Bungie’s Gameplay Design Lead Josh Hamrick took to Twitter to clarify that year one weapons will not be able to equip two mods. Any weapon players currently have will be without mods in year two unless a new, year two version of the weapon drops.

This announcement upset some Destiny 2 fans who were hoping to use their year one arsenal in year two by bringing them up to higher power levels. However, it seems that those year one weapons will be at even more of a disadvantage on top of the fact that they do not have the random perk roll benefits. This could be Bungie’s way of encouraging players to use new weapons that are coming with the DLC.

Some year 1 weapons, like the popular Better Devils hand cannon, will be updated in year two and will feature random perk rolls. In the Combat Showcase live stream, members of the Sandbox team showed off several different versions of Better Devils, each with its own unique perks. Year 1 weapons can still be used in the new weapon system, though they will not feature some of the new perks and mods coming in Forsaken.

Hamrick also clarified that year one armor sets will be able to use year two armor mods, though these armor sets will be at a huge disadvantage since they will not have perks outside of the mods. While the Sandbox team only showed off weapon mods in the livestream, Bungie has announced that armor mods will focus on abilities and certain weapon types. This will allow players to fine-tune their armor to fit certain playstyles. Hopefully players will move on from their year one weapons and focus on the new gear in year two, as it seems mods will be playing a larger, more impactful role when Forsaken launches.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.