Destiny 2 Bringing Back Weapons of Light Buff for Titans

When Destiny 2 first launched, there were many changes to the existing classes from Destiny, for better or for worse. Unfortunately for Titan mains in Destiny, their beloved Ward of Dawn was drastically nerfed compared to the first game.

While the Ward of Dawn ability (within the Sentinel subclass) received several buffs and reworks since launch, it never truly found a good spot in-game. However, with the massive Shadowkeep expansion, several subclasses are receiving some fine-tuning - including Ward of Dawn. Weapons of Light, a major damage buff given to those who passed through Ward of Dawn, is coming back so Titans can really lean back into the support role they used to have.

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During the Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 livestream, Bungie showed off many changes that are coming with Shadowkeep. While the main focus was on the massive armor overhaul, some sandbox changes were announced. For Titan mains, making Ward of Dawn stronger will help round out the different void subclass options - though it's possible the other trees might get an update as well. With the main Sentinel tree, it allows players to build into spamming Shield Throw, while Banner Shield lets players play a bit more defensively while still giving a support buff. With Ward of Dawn also giving a damage buff, perhaps changes may come to Banner Shield to make it more unique.

Nightstalker Hunters will also receive a substantial buff when Shadowkeep launches. The bottom Nightstalker tree, typically referred to as the Quiver tree, is getting a rework to make the abilities synergize better. The main buff revolves around grenades and smoke bombs. When teammates are turned invisible by smoke bombs, the Hunter will regenerate grenade energy quickly.

Then, when the Hunter damages enemies with grenades, it will trigger faster smoke bomb regeneration. The Moebius Quiver skill also received a major buff to damage as well. Hopefully Bungie will showcase these new changes more in the Shadowkeep PvP reveal.

While many fans are delighted to have Weapons of Light back, some fans are worried that Titans will be forced to main Bubbles when grouping for raids and other endgame activities. Since Titans have little support outside of Hammer Strike in the Sunbreaker tree, it may mean that it will be expected that Titans use Bubble to maximize damage output. Hopefull,y the design philosophy behind these changes will be discussed in Luke Smith's huge blog post on the state of Destiny 2, of which the second part will be releasing Thursday.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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