Without a doubt, most fans of Bungie’s science fiction shooter Destiny 2 would argue that one of the game’s most enjoyable aspects is the grind to collect and wield its voluminous amount of gear – especially its huge cache of weaponry. Of course, determining which armaments are suitable for one’s Guardian can often be an overwhelming task for veterans and newcomers alike, so thankfully, the Redditor known as Mercules904 has stepped up to compile a complete spreadsheet breaking down every known weapon in the game so far.

At this point in time, Mercules904’s spreadsheet for the second entry in Bungie’s looter shooter is in the process of being constantly updated, as players continue to get a feel for all of the game’s weapons and how they operate within Destiny 2‘s world. Upon opening the spreadsheet, Guardians will discover that the Redditor has carefully classified every weapon class into their own categories, showing intricately honed statistics for each, with some stats having also been color-coded to better illustrate which traits are more effective than others.

destiny 2 mida multi tool mini tool
One example of Mercules904’s incredibly detailed weapon spreadsheet breakdown for Destiny 2 can be seen in the comparison between The Old Fashioned and Sunshot Exotic hand cannons’ body shot time-to-kill ratios, with the former gun coming in at 1.73 seconds, while the latter is a little better at 1.60 seconds. Interestingly enough, though, The Old Fashioned is ranked a tad higher in stability than the Sunshot Exotic, which gives Guardians something to think about when it comes to what kind of attributes they want their weapons to focus on.

With every known weapon class in Destiny 2 being covered quite extensively in Mercules904’s spreadsheet for the game, it will be interesting to see how the Redditor’s work will change once Bungie incorporates different tweaks and balance alterations to the title. As is usually the case in shooters such as Destiny 2, certain guns become overwhelming fan favorites due to their capacity to overpower enemies and opponents, leading to a vast majority of Guardians using the same artillery over and over again, which ultimately negates the purpose of there being a wide variety of weapons on-hand.

During the the first weekend of Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine, for instance, an early trend of weapon use emerged, showing the first signs of a meta being established in the game, as the MIDA Multi-Tool was found to be the most popular weapon in the PvP event. With this being the case, based on prior history from the first entry in the franchise, one can safely presume that the stats on the gun will change, as Bungie has previously nerfed top-tier weapons in order to facilitate an environment based on diversity over homogeneity.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it launches on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Google Docs (via Reddit)