Destiny PvP players will be pleased to find that today’s new Destiny 2┬áreveal includes the unveiling of a new Crucible map by the name of Vostok. Destiny PvE players will be pleased to hear that Vostok officially takes place within the same area as the Rise of Iron social area.

High atop Felwinter Peak, across from the Iron Temple, lies the Vostok Observatory. It’s here that players will do battle in Destiny 2‘s Crucible, a layered reminder of the past.

Bungie Environment Artist Jeff Horal gives a guided tour of Vostok in the latest IGN exclusive Destiny 2 video, the first time players will get a look at the snowy map. The preview is accompanied by two new 5-minute gameplay videos featuring Destiny 2‘s Titan Striker subclass and the Warlock Dawnblade subclass. Playing the reworked Control gametype, detailed in yesterday’s new Destiny 2 info drop, the gameplay shows how Vostok is all about making the most of fortified and defensive positioning.

Rise of Iron players will recognize several of these buildings that serve as defensive bastions from the opening mission of the expansion. There’s the gondola station, the observatory, and the fort that’s located in front of the bridge leading to the Iron Temple.

Vostok is arranged around three major fortifications, each built around a capture point. The third point, the one that starts the match neutral, is where the largest building is and where a majority of the fighting is likely to take place in the map. Horal explains how the points are designed to feature multiple defensive positions, forcing the smaller 4-player teams to attack tactically. Or at least attack with Super Abilities/heavy weapons.

In between the capture points, however, are the standard side-paths and “ninja routes” that will be prime locations for skirmishing. With as defensive of a map as Vostok is, players will have have to make the most of these twists and turns to duck out of gunfire or to flank a hunkered down opponent. It’s this mix of up close action mixed with tactical positioning around the points that will hopefully make Vostok a killer Control map come Destiny 2‘s release.

destiny 2 rise of iron vostok map

Vostok is the fourth map revealed for Destiny 2, joining the recently revealed Endless Vale, Countdown map Midtown, and PlayStation 4 exclusive Retribution. Expect more maps to be unveiled in the weeks leading up to Destiny 2‘s September launch.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 6, with a PC launch to follow on October 24. The console beta starts July 18 on PlayStation 4 and July 19 on Xbox One, but requires a pre-order exclusive code to access.