As the Destiny 2 Beta draws closer, more is being revealed about different aspects of the game. Gamers now get their first glance at footage of the classic Destiny 1 Voidwalker Warlock class, retooled for the sequel. There are a few changes that fans will want to take note of.

While the footage, from IGN, does not show the full subclass screen where players would be able to see perks and available selections, there are a few things to notice in the Destiny 2 footage. First, the Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb is bigger, slower moving, and tracks its targets. In Destiny 1, players could choose between a bigger arcing Nova Bomb that creates a area-of-effect Vortex where it lands, a Nova Bomb that splits and spreads out in three smaller balls of energy, and a smaller but straight, fast-traveling Nova Bomb.

While it’s possible that the Nova Bomb is just one variation of the super (similar to the Gunslinger who can choose an alternate version of its Golden Gun super to gain more but less damaging shots), this is the only version Bungie has yet to show.

Secondly, Blink will be making its return to Destiny 2 on the Voidwalker. Blink is a jump ability that causes the player to teleport and disappear from view for a split second during the jump. With the new Arcstrider Hunter subclass is losing the Blink as an ability from its Bladedancer ancestor, it appears the Voidwalker will be the only subclass in the game with the jump option.

Destiny 2 gameplay content

To counteract some of the advantages afforded by Blink, Destiny 2 will continue a nerf that was enacted in Year 3 of Destiny 1—that is, during Blink the player’s motion tracker will disappear from the HUD and stay hidden for about 1.5 to 2 seconds.

Lastly, the Voidwalker in the footage was shown to be using Scatter Grenades. Based on the fact that all the other subclasses shown so far have retained the exact grenades they possessed in Destiny 1, it’s likely that the Voidwalker will also have Axion Bolt and Vortex Grenades as an option in Destiny 2. The Scatter Grenades in Destiny 2 clearly got a visual and audio tune up, with a different look and sound, but it’s unclear if the grenades themselves got any stronger tracking or damage added to them from the version that is in Destiny 1.

Players will have a chance to take the Voidwalker for a spin in the Destiny 2 Beta, which begins its early access period on PS4 July 18.

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later release coming on PC on October 24.

Source: IGN – YouTube