Destiny 2: Crash Remaster Dev Working on Post-Release Content

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Although Activision may have gotten ahead of itself by talking about Destiny 2 post-release content during a recent earnings call, it was apparently important for the publisher to assure fans the sequel would be different. Yes, Destiny 2 will have the usual bevy of DLC, complete with a Season Pass, but there will also be a steady stream of content available to fans as well, some of which will be developed by Vicarious Visions.

Who is Vicarious Visions?

Vicarious Visions, for those that may not know, is owned by Activision and has worked on a number of the publisher’s popular titles. In some cases, Vicarious Visions has been the main or sole studio on a project, while in others it has served as a helper studio. Most recently, the developer worked on Activision’s Skylanders franchise and are now in charge of the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy remaster.

Alongside consistent work on Activision-published games, Vicarious Visions has also been helping Bungie work on Destiny 2. At the time, we had no idea what the studio would be responsible for, but Activision’s latest earnings call shed some light on that.

"So as you know from our past comments on Destiny 2's content, we're coupling Bungie's great visionary leadership with multiple AAA developers that have a proven track record here at Activision to help us make sure that we have one great piece of new content right after another to keep the community engaged. We've shown that when we have great engagement, great business follows."

Destiny 2 Post-Release Content

Essentially, Vicarious Visions will be assisting the Destiny 2 live team by developing post release content. Whether or not that content will be DLC or smaller events like The Dawning or Festival of the Lost is unclear, but a mammoth undertaking like this will need as many hands on-deck as possible.

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While some fans may be concerned that Bungie isn’t working on the entirety of Destiny 2’s content, it’s important to point out that the developer has had help for a while now. Studios like High Moon Studios are also assisting Bungie with ensuring that Destiny 2 lives up to expectations, which are inordinately high.

As Activision revealed during the same earnings call, pre-orders for Destiny 2 are “very strong” and anticipation is building as we near closer to the May 18th gameplay reveal. During the event Bungie could give some hints about its plans for Destiny 2 beyond the initial launch, but that is not expected. Gameplay is supposed to be front and center, so fans can finally see what Bungie, and studios like Vicarious Visions, have been working on.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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