When Destiny 2 was confirmed to be on the receiving end of a full reset of level and gear, many long-term Destiny fans were wondering exactly what Bungie would do for Destiny 1 players who carry over into the sequel. Now, it seems as though gamers have an answer of sorts.

According to DeeJ, Bungie’s community manager, Destiny 2 will reward and recognize veteran players who turn up for the game. Speaking during PlayStation’s E3 2017 Twitch stream, DeeJ briefly discussed what the developer would do for returning players. According to DeeJ, the recognition will be some kind of identifier in the game.

“If you have played Destiny with us up to this point we will have certain identifiers so players can look at you and say ‘you’ve been around since the beginning, you’re one of the original Guardians,'” said DeeJ as part of the stream. Exactly what this means was not entirely made clear, but it may well be that veteran players are given an emblem or a shader.

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So far, the Destiny community is not exactly sure what to make of this, and there have been suggestions on the game’s Reddit that an icon next to the player’s name would be preferable to making the player use a particular emblem to show that they were part of the original Destiny experience. That way, players would be able to make their history with the game known without missing out on any new content.

Destiny 2 made a big impression at E3 2017, with a number of big announcements taking place. PC gamers finally have a Destiny 2 PC release date to put in their diaries, although those users will have to wait nearly two months more than console players in order to play the game. Meanwhile, those after a more tense multiplayer experience will be pleased to learn that Destiny 2 will include casual and competitive PvP modes.

Destiny 2 at E3 was particularly helpful for those planning to play the game on PS4. The expo has revealed a number of PlayStation exclusives for the game, including a new sniper rifle and ship, as well as a detailed look at the new PvP map retribution. Hopefully, returning PS4 players will be able to enjoy these exclusives along with a good reward for their veteran status.

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Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch on October 24 for PC.

Source: PlayStation Twitch, Reddit