No need to panic, Destiny gear collectors (read: hoarders). Like the first game, Destiny 2 will include a Vault in order to store gear and transfer it between characters.

Why would this even be a question? Well, in the reveal trailer for Destiny 2, the Last City is besieged by the Cabal’s Red Legion, and the Tower—along with the Vaults that players know and love from Destiny 1—are obliterated.

But that appears to have just been part of the narrative tale that Bungie is spinning for Destiny 2. The game’s story, after all, is about the Guardians losing everything (including their powers and even the Traveler) and having to rebuild. The game’s director, Luke Smith, has confirmed despite seeing the old Vaults be destroyed in the game’s trailer, Vaults are in fact returning to Destiny.

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The new Vault will be located in Destiny 2‘s social space, known as The Farm. Outside of being a location within Earth’s European Dead Zone, little more is known about The Farm. Now that Vaults are confirmed, the next question fans are likely to ask is how big will said Vault be. To that, Smith says Vault space is still being determined:

“I exited my last meeting which was about some systems work, and the vaults are always a topic of conversation and discussion for the systems team. We’re continuing to look at it, but nothing to share today.”

Even though players will have to wait to see how much loot they can stuff into their Vaults, veterans of Destiny 1 should know by now that it will have to be filled with all new gear. That’s because nothing outside of the appearance of their Guardian and some new emblems, earned by completing certain tasks in Destiny 1, will carry over to the sequel.

Vaults were a pretty consistent push-pull between Bungie and fans in Destiny 1, with fans constantly asking for the space to be increased to accommodate the growing amount of gear available to players over the game’s three year lifespan. The first version of the Vault in vanilla Destiny was laughably small in retrospect, so hopefully Bungie takes the past into consideration and adds plenty of Vault space for Guardians in Destiny 2 to grow into.

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

Source: PC Gamer