Destiny 2: How to Beat the Vault Challenge the Last Wish Raid

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As promised, Bungie has made sure that the raid challenges for Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid are now cycling as they are supposed to. This week, the Vault saw its 'Keep Out' challenge activated and fireteams are once again tasked with completing the raid encounter under unique circumstances.

To complete the Vault raid challenge, the fireteam needs to ensure that no Knight of Riven makes its way to the center vault area. Throughout the entire encounter, these Knights will spawn in the three outer zones, walk through the Taken “wall,” and attempt to lock down the Vault.

What this means is that the fireteam should put a player inside of those three outer zones. Every raid team has a different name for these zones but one has a forest design (heretofore referred to as trees), one has a rocky design (heretofore referred to as rocks), and the last one is where the fireteam ascended into the Vault to start the encounter (heretofore referred to as main).

With one player set up in trees, rocks, and main, the remaining three must work a little harder to decode the Vault puzzle and cleanse the locks. Since their fireteam members will be trapped behind those Taken walls for a lot of the encounter, the other three team members must make sure to eliminate any basic Taken enemies that spawn.

Those players responsible for killing the Knight of Riven have no small task either, as these enemies move with a purpose and have a decent amount of health. We would recommend high damage weapons with fast fire rates, like the Ikelos Shotgun or the One Thousand Voices fusion rifle. Even a Celestial Nighthawk golden gun shot or a Voidwalker Nova Bomb will do the trick. Basically, if the Knight doesn’t go down quick it will run into the Vault area and the challenge will fail.

But if the team succeeds in wiping the Knights of Riven quickly, they will complete the challenge and earn another loot drop (if they have the clan bounty). This challenge is also important for the Rivensbane seal and title.

For a guide on how to complete the encounter regularly, make sure to read our Vault Raid Encounter guide.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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