Destiny 2: Updated List of All Finishers

destiny 2 titan mega punch

Without Activision calling shots behind the scenes anymore, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep represents Bungie's first solo expansion in the series. It's due to that newly found freedom and desire to get it right from day one that led the company to push out the release by two weeks. Shadowkeep may ultimately be Bungie's most ambitious update to Destiny 2, thanks in large part to the overhauls and tweaks the company is planning. Much of this overhaul was revealed by Luke Smith's recent blog posts detailing PvP changes, power level revamp, and much more.

While it may not be a mainline addition to the Destiny 2 experience in Shadowkeep, melee finishers are finally being added into the game specifically for each class. When an enemy's health drops to a certain level, players have an option to finish them off using an impressive melee flourish. However, in order to activate it, players will need to have an armor mod as well as use a portion of their super energy. The trade-off for resources used is that additional mods can be inserted to add different effects to a finisher to make it more than just cosmetic.

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According to Bungie, classes will have multiple to pick from and while players can only equip one at a time, eventually the studio hopes to add a multi-select wheel such as the emotes and a randomizer to mix up which finisher is used each time. Here are all available melee finishers to each subclass. We'll be updating this as more are added or revealed to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

destiny 2 hunter melee finisher


The Hunter takes out two knives typically seen from melee attacks under the Gunslinger subclass and does a spinning knife strike into the enemy.


Known as the class that enjoys punching things, one melee finisher for the Titan has them jumping into the air, pulling back their fist, looking at it and then unleashing a mega punch.

The other known Titan melee finisher is essentially a spinning heel kick that's powerful enough to send a massive Hive Ogre flying backwards.


The Warlock gathers energy and does something similar to a force push from the Star Wars franchise.

On day 1, each player will get these three combat emotes for free. Additional melee finishers can be found as rare drops in certain activities as well as purchased immediately from the Eververse store going forward. With Bungie changing how the store works alongside the Shadowkeep expansion, players should have plenty of opportunities to earn Bright Dust to pick up a few more as the next season rolls on.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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