A few weeks ago, Bungie issued a “State of the Game” for Destiny 2, acknowledging that players were unhappy with a number of aspects in its multiplayer shooter. As part of the blog post, Bungie discussed changes that would be coming in early 2018, and now a month into the new year, Bungie has more clearly defined the features coming to the game and the dates that players can expect to see them.

Starting with the Destiny 2 update that deployed this week, there are some pretty significant changes coming to the game in the first few months of 2018. Masterwork armor and retooled raid rewards were the highlights of this week’s Update 1.1.2, with the next update coming at the end of February and focusing on strikes and social features.

On February 27, Update 1.1.3 will add Nightfall Strike scoring and high score tracking, a rework of the emblem/aura system with a stretch goal (which may slip to a further update) of bringing unique rewards to the game for completing the Nightfall. On the social side, this update will add an opt-in PC public text chat (a feature many PC players have been asking for) and the ability to see fireteam members on the Destination Map. Also included is (finally) a system to reduce repeated exotic drops.

destiny 2 development roadmap

In late March, the next update will deploy focused on sandbox changes and the Crucible. This is one of the biggest complaints about the game, as seen in the responses to Bungie’s game director recently asking for feedback about Trials of the Nine. In addition to bringing sandbox changes to weapons and abilities, it will also add 6v6 Iron Banner, a weekly Crucible playlist containing Mayhem (a huge hit during The Dawning), and the update will tune Crucible gameplay and the PvP ammo economy. Heroic Strike modifiers will also make their way into the game with this update.

Even more significant changes are coming in May, which will coincide with the shift to Season 3 and the next expansion as well. Crucible rankings are among those changes, as well as private matches, vault space increase, multi-emote wheel, Eater of Worlds Prestige Mode, and Exotic Masterworks.

Fortunately, all these changes look to be great for the future of Destiny 2; but on the flip side, many of these features were already in Destiny 1, with them finally making their way to the game’s sequel many months after launch.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie