Destiny 2 Update Nerfs Menagerie Chest Exploit, Makes Clan XP Changes

destiny 2 menagerie chest exploit nerfed patched

Besides adding the new Tribute Hall and the Bad Juju exotic via a new quest, the latest update for Destiny 2 also added a patch that most notably removed the Menagerie chest exploit and overhauled XP gains for the game's clan system. Since the launch of Season of Opulence, players were able to take advantage of an exploit that allowed them to get more rewards than intended and developer Bungie let the bug continue to live on until now.

Many Destiny 2 fans have let their voices be heard that they felt that the exploit, although unintentional by design, actually made the game's new Menagerie activity more compelling and rewarding, so they're not happy that Bungie removed it. However, it is not as though players did not have fair warning, as Bungie let Destiny 2 players know last week that the chest would be fixed in this patch.

Moving forward, Destiny 2 players will only be able to open the final chest in the Menagerie once, providing just one random drop per run. That will surely feel like a pretty drastic change to those Destiny 2 players who took advantage of the exploit, as some able to pull drops from the chest up to five times per run by simply exiting the final area and re-entering it.

destiny 2 menagerie chest patched

In addition to fixing the Menagerie chest, a number of minor fixes also took effect with this latest update. One of the more significant changes in the patch involves the amount of XP that clans gain from completing activities throughout the game. First off, players can now earn XP for their clan by completing strikes launched from the Director, Black Armory forges, and full runs of Escalation Protocol. The new re-balanced clan XP gains are:

  • Raid: 2,000
  • Raid lair: 1,500
  • Nightfall: 1,000
  • Crucible: 500
  • Strikes: 500
  • Patrol: 250
  • Story: 250
  • Adventure: 250
  • Heroic adventure: 500
  • Forge: 500
  • Menagerie: 1,000
  • Reckoning:
      • Tier 1: 500
      • Tier 2: 750
      • Tier 3: 1,000

      Moments of Triumph have also officially begun in Destiny 2, allowing players to earn an emblem, Sparrow, ship, and more to commemorate the game's Year 2.

      Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

      Source: Bungie

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