Destiny 2 Players Unlock Bonus Menagerie Rewards for Challenge

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Destiny 2 players have absolutely destroyed Bungie's anticipated Menagerie challenge for September. Bungie has officially confirmed that the Menagerie challenges have been completed in full and that all Menagerie Rewards have now been unlocked. The rewards include an exclusive Emblem, as originally announced, as well as two additional rewards when opening the chest at the end of a Menagerie run. Destiny 2 players will continue to get an additional reward from the Menagerie chest each week for the rest of the Season of Opulence.

The Destiny 2 challenge was first announced as part of a roadmap detailing planned events leading up to the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion. Bungie finally unveiled the Mars Community Challenge toward the end of August. Tasks included defeating 175,000 Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses, defeating 300,000,000 Hive on Mars, defeating Nokris 150,000 times and Xol 100,000 times, and finally using 300,000 Override Frequencies.

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Destiny 2 players burned through the Challenges with ease, with the only Challenge proving a pain being the Nokris kills. Nevertheless, all challenges were completed by Saturday, September 7, ahead of the September 10 deadline. Destiny 2 players showed just how excited they were for the upcoming release of the Shadowkeep expansion and that they haven't gone anywhere during the slow weeks before the expansion launches.

The completion of the Challenge did have one big hiccup, however. Four hours after announcing that Destiny 2 players had completed the Challenge and that rewards had been unlocked, Bungie confirmed a problem. Menagerie bonus rewards weren't being granted correctly and Bungie revealed plans to fix the issue "early next week." Two hours afters after announcing the delay of rewards, Bungie went back on what it previously said and confirmed rewards should now be working correctly.

It may not have been much, but the Menagerie Challenge proved just how excited and united Destiny 2 players remain leading into Shadowkeep's launch. While Bungie likely designed the Challenge to be completed with relative ease based on current activity numbers, social media surrounding the event showed just how much it meant to current players to complete the task before them. Bungie has previously said that it wanted to provide more opportunities for players to feel like they're influencing the world of Destiny 2 in meaningful ways. The Menagerie Challenge shows just how excited players are about that idea.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Shadowkeep releases October 1.

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