Destiny 2 Player Unlocks All Available Triumphs, Controversy Ensues

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Controversy broke out in the Destiny 2 community after a player unlocked all the available Triumphs in the game, which led to many other players calling into question the integrity of the achievement. The end result of all the controversy was the player being banned across the Destiny subreddit and a popular site that tracks and hosts the Triumphs leaderboard.

In a post on (a popular Destiny fan site that tracks player leaderboards and houses a robust database, among other things), the site's creator "afpac" explains that after the player in question hit the top of the Triumphs leaderboard by unlocking all the available Triumphs, fans across the community started looking into the specifics of the player's account. In doing so, the community found that this particular player's baseline stats while playing Quickplay in PvP stood in stark contrast to the stats that appeared in the Competitive playlist.

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The conclusion was drawn that the player had let someone else play Competitive with their account, whether that be someone they knew or an account recovery (paying someone to access an account to complete an objective). A quick search found that this person's kill-to-death ratio in the Competitive Playlist was far higher than in quickplay, and their teammates had no prior history playing with this person.

After being pressed about the discrepancies online by fellow Destiny 2 players, the player in question eventually admitted that some accounts of those on his team were not being played by their original owners. In other words, this person let someone else play on their account with teammates of higher skill to reach Glory rank 5500. It's a tough ranking to hit, but it is essential for obtaining the Unbroken seal.

As a result, the player was banned from the Destiny subreddit where they had posted their achievement and has banned the player from the leaderboard in an attempt to level the playing field and not allow any accounts with suspicious activity rise the ranks. The post on says moving forward, more backend systems will be put in place to try to flag accounts that may be boosted.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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