Destiny 2: The Tribute Hall's Final Reward May Not Be Worth the Effort

destiny 2 tribute hall final reward

Along with the Moments of Triumph for Year 2, Destiny 2 added the Tribute Hall this week, which currently requires a significant amount of materials in order to complete this early into its existence. And as players have now discovered, what they get in return as the final reward for completing the Tribute Hall may not be worth the effort. At least not right now.

Destiny 2 streamer Gigz says it took him significant amounts Legendary Shards, planetary materials, and hours of time to get enough of the game's currencies in order to get all the Tributes necessary to complete the Tribute Hall. The final reward for getting all 50 Tributes is an exotic emote called "X Marks the Spot" that causes a character to spawn a shovel into their hands, dig at their feet, and pull up a chest. Granted, there are more significant rewards along the way including the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle. But to access that exotic weapon only requires 18 Tributes. And at 45 Tributes, players can earn the exotic catalyst for Bad Juju.

So, while currently this exotic emote might not seem like the most significant of rewards for the extreme investment the Tribute Hall currently requires, as time goes by, players can drastically drive down the cost of Tributes and so if players consider completing the Tribute Hall over the long term instead of the short term, taking advantage of the discounts they can get by completing daily bounties from the Visage of Calus, it might not be that big of a deal.

But for those who are sprinting to the end of the Tribute Hall as fast as possible, the cost of Tributes is currently extremely steep just a few days into its appearance, so to pour that many hours and materials into it just to earn an emote may not feel worth the effort to many players.

At least now players know the full rewards of the Tribute Hall and can adjust if and how they want to complete it. As a reminder, completing daily bounties offers a 1% discount per bounty (up to 4% per day) up to 80% total. So if players faithfully complete four bounties per day for the next 20 days, Tributes will cost 20% of what they currently do at the fullest extent of the discount.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gigz

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