Destiny 2: How to Lower the Material Price for Tributes

visage of calus statue

This week, Destiny 2 launched the first part of its end-of-year offering with the Tribute Hall and Moments of Triumph. As part of the Tribute Hall, players will need to complete specific Triumphs to unlock Tributes, which are statues (or virtual representations of Destiny items) and place them around the area. However, while some Tributes are only unlocked by completing specific actions, others carry a cost…and it is steep.

Buying Tributes from Visage of Calus

In total, the Visage of Calus has 30 Tributes available for sale, each with a different “main” cost and a supplementary glimmer cost. That main cost is one of four different planetary materials at a rate of over 100 per Tribute, or legendary shards starting at 200+ per Tribute, or bright dust at 2,000+ Tribute. And the glimmer cost is over 11,000 to begin with. All that is to say, these Tributes in Destiny 2 are expensive and they are key to getting the Bad Juju quest and eventually getting the Bad Juju catalyst.

The good news is that Bungie has built in a discount for the price of each Tribute, up to 80%. But getting that discount will take some time and some effort, but it will likely be worth the wait.

Champion Bounties and Tribute Discount

Each day, the Visage of Calus will have four Champion Bounties available. Completing one of these Bounties will reward the player with a Boon of Opulence, which can then be traded for a Tithe of Opulence a.k.a. a 1% discount. This lowers the price of each Tribute and can stack up to 80% off.

visage of calus in tribute hall

Destiny 2 players are only allowed to unlock 4 Boons of Opulence per day, so it will take 20 days if players are diligent. There is some speculation that the Bounties are bugged currently and that players should be able to turn in 4 per character for a total of 12% off per day, but that has not been confirmed by Bungie yet.

So assuming 4% is the limit, it will be important to complete those Champion Bounties and then place those Tributes. Luckily, the Tribute Hall is a permanent fixture of Destiny 2 and so players have all the time in the world to get all 50 Tributes should they so choose.

Why Unlock Tributes?

Of course, the main goal is Bad Juju and its catalyst. In order to unlock the Bad Juju quest, The Other Side, players will need to place 18 total Tributes, but 5 are “freebies” given after completing steps on the Invitation of the Emperor questline.

champion bounty for tribute hall

After acquiring Bad Juju, Destiny 2 players will then need to place 27 more Tributes to get to 45 total and unlock the catalyst for the exotic pulse rifle. The catalyst extends the String of Curses perk by about 1.5 seconds, so players have more time to build stacks of the perk (up to x5) and extra damage.

It may be a bit tedious and those that can’t wait will find themselves running low on materials, Glimmer, and Bright Dust when all is said and done, but some players need to have the new items as soon as possible. Those that can wait will see the price of each Tribute plummet by 80%.

Destiny is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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