Bungie has started filling out Destiny 2’s endgame for players who have achieved a high power level. It began last week with the Leviathan Raid and culminated this past weekend with the new competitive PvP mode Trials of the Nine. With Xur also back and selling his exotic wares for the first time this past weekend, the focus of many fans has been put back on the mysterious group only known as The Nine. After some deep digging and fact-finding, players may finally have some actual information on what this group is.

After a bit of sleuthing by Reddit users DorctorDoomDoom and echof0xtrot, new lore details on The Nine have come to light thanks in large part to the weapon lore excerpts on the Trials of the Nine-specific weapons. While Destiny 2 guns like A Sudden Death and Adjudicator provide new lore that confirms much of details on the Destiny 1 Grimoire Card for The Nine, much of the new facts come from the new Trials sniper rifle known as The Long Walk.

From the lore tab on the sniper rifle, players can read a conversation between a person named Orin and nine hidden things called sparks. It’s clear that Orin arrived there looking for information, but the group of nine do not appear willing to divulge or confirm any of the rumors. Things get interesting when one of the sparks confirms that the nine’s charges are all gone, but they’re still creatures of the Light, similar to the one Orin carries in her pocket.

From this, many have interpreted it to mean that the Nine are actually Ghosts who have lost their Guardians and have agreed to travel the galaxy in search of something. What that group is searching for isn’t yet known, though people have speculated everything from the Darkness to perhaps the ships that are seen at the end of the campaign. The full lore tab for The Long Walk can be found below:

[Eight sparks. A ninth, dim in the corner. And Orin in the middle.]

ORIN: Are we all here? Come into the light, please.

G-9: I like where I am.

ORIN: They said you all went to the deep without a ship. How?

G-7: Our charges are gone, but we’re still creatures of Light. No different from the one you carry in your pocket.

ORIN: You’re all either very brave or very foolish.

G-6: You sound like Shaxx.

G-5: She does. I’m glad my charge is gone.

G-4: Don’t say that.

G-5: It’s true.

G-4: Don’t say it out loud. Some of us go our whole lives without finding one. Show some respect.

G-5: Don’t talk like you’re better than me. You’re in here, too.

ORIN: Please. I’m sorry to call you all here, but—

G-2: You’re not sorry.

ORIN: I need to know what you found out there.

G-9: Nothing.

ORIN: At least give me the coordinates.

While it’s likely that Bungie intends to slowly reveal more about the mysterious Nine at some point down the road, fans can get a small taste of that world by participating in a new Crucible mode called Trials of the Nine. Similar to Trials of Osiris from the previous game, this new version retains the 4v4 rules established elsewhere in the Crucible, but focuses solely on Countdown and Survival in the month of September. Players who manage to get at least a win will be able to visit The Spire and meet a figure known as The Emissary, someone equally as strange and unique as Xur.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Reddit