It’s been a little over one week since Destiny 2 launched and players are still getting back to their weekly rituals. Earlier this week, Bungie released the Leviathan raid for PvE fans to complete and today Trials of the Nine has arrived for the PvP folk.

But while Trials of the Nine may have a lot of similarities to Trials of Osiris, there are plenty of differences as well. As a whole, Trials of the Nine seems more inviting to players, assuming that they can form a group of 4.

What’s New in Trials of the Nine

The major differences in Trials of the Nine’s setup is that players will not be playing Elimination. Instead the mode and map will rotate on a weekly basis, with this week featuring the Countdown mode and the new map Eternity. Players are also locked into a loadout at the beginning of a match, so they can’t swap weapons at any point.

A Trials “card” is now automatically started anytime a player starts the mode, and can be seen by highlighting the destination on the map. Players are tasked with getting 7 wins (not 9) before they hit 3 losses, but that includes a built in Mercy that eliminates one loss.

destiny 2 trials of the nine trailer debuts

The goal is still to fill the card without getting any losses and doing so counts as going Flawless. But anyone that gets at least one win on their Trials of the Nine card in Destiny 2 is granted access to the new social space, called The Spire. The only difference is that the more wins a player has on their card, the greater access they get to The Spire.

The New Social Space

When players arrive at The Spire, a vast open space with white sand and a giant spire in the distance will greet them. Walk forward a little and players will see The Emissary, the new vendor for Trials of the Nine. Here, players can turn in their Trials of the Nine tokens (earned by completing challenges) and increase The Emissary’s reputation. As with any vendor, leveling up the reputation unlocks an engram that can contain Trials of the Nine gear.

Trials Rewards

But the real treat of The Spire is accessed the more wins a player has on their card. At different win tiers, the player will be able to use lifts to ascend up The Spire to new platforms where The Emissary is waiting with more rewards.

1 win – Basic access to The Spire. Use Tokens to rank up The Emissary

3 wins – Second platform. Engram containing Trials of the Nine weapon.

5 wins – Third platform. Engram containing Trials of the Nine armor.

7 wins – Fourth platform. Choice of one Trials of the Nine item from three options.

destiny 2 emissary

Essentially, if players want to get a good deal of rewards all they need to do is accumulate 7 wins before getting 4 losses. But those who truly go Flawless will gain access to The Spire itself and be able to descend and meet The Emissary in its true form. Here, players will collect a little more loot, as well as a flawless emblem and an aura.

Overall, Trials of the Nine sounds like a more rewarding experience for players and one that is more inviting than Trials of Osiris. Players can still see parts of the social space and collect rewards if they just win one game, but those who are skilled enough to accrue more wins will be rewarded accordingly.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.