Destiny 2 Will Add Trials of Osiris Type Game Mode Within Launch Window

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Although Bungie did not talk about the event during the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, the developer did confirm that Trials of Osiris fans will have something to enjoy in the sequel. More specifically, director Luke Smith revealed that those Crucible players will not have to wait long to get their hands on a Trials-like mode.

According to Smith and Project Lead Mark Noseworthy, Destiny 2 players can expect this “Trials-like” game mode within the sequel’s launch window. Whether that means the first week, the first month, or before the end of 2017 is unclear, but it sounds as though the two understand how important an ultra-competitive Crucible mode is to their series’ popularity.

Some had speculated that Trials of Osiris, or a mode like Trials, would be held for the forthcoming Osiris DLC, which is the first of two planned expansions for Destiny 2. However, Noseworthy confirmed that players will not have to wait that long, assuming that the first DLC will hit around December (if past patterns hold).

As far as what a Trials-like experience Destiny 2 could offer, Bungie is not ready to disclose any details just yet. It’s safe to assume that the new PvP changes like the lower 8-player count and the limitations on revives will be in play, but there could also be new twists on the do-or-die mode. Will players still be trying to go Flawless and visit The Lighthouse on Mercury to claim loot? Or will there be a new goal for Destiny 2? Will Trials still use the elimination game-type or will it move to something faster paced, like the new Countdown mode?

Destiny Trials of Osiris Squads Face Off

That being said, there are some hints about the new Trials mode based on a prior Destiny 2 leak. According to the source, the new version of the mode will be called Trials of the Nine, suggesting that it will have some ties to Xur and his compatriots.

Normally we would caution to take this info with a grain of salt but the same source also revealed quite a lot of Destiny 2 gameplay details that turned out to be true, as confirmed by Thursday's reveal event. It could be that the source slipped in some fake items to throw people off, but something as specific as a new name suggests otherwise.

Either way, there are a lot of questions for Bungie to answer in the run up to Destiny 2, and the team has just added quite a few to the list. Whether or not fans actually get the answers they desire, however, is not so clear. When Trials of Osiris first launched, players had a general sense of the mode but they didn’t know it’s full scope. Perhaps like the new raid, Bungie will want to keep some of the secrets for the next iteration of the mode a secret as well.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will release some time later.

Source: IGN

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