Update: Bungie tweeted a correction to the original schedule, saying that the third week of Trials of the Nine will be Countdown instead of Survival. So it does appear that, at least for now, Countdown and Survival modes will alternate for Trials of the Nine.


It has been a pretty well known fact for quite some time now that Destiny‘s endgame PvP experience, Trials of Osiris, would return in Destiny 2 but under the new moniker Trials of the Nine. There were early leaks that pointed to the name change, as well as a more recent discovery in some of the game’s audio files, and finally it was spotted on the updated Destiny Companion app.

But in Bungie’s weekly blog update, the developer not only finally openly used the name (it has formerly always just referred to the event as Trials), but also revealed the schedule for the event in the month ahead in Destiny 2. The very first time it debuts is next week on its usual Friday at 10 a.m. Pacific start time, followed by the two remaining Fridays after that in September. Trials of the Nine will consist of rotating weeks of Destiny 2‘s competitive playlist game types, Countdown and Survival.

The first week, starting September 15 and running until the weekly reset on September 19, Trials of the Nine will be the Countdown game mode on the map Eternity. Countdown was the first of Destiny 2‘s new multiplayer modes ever shown for the game, and it will also lead the debut of Trials of the Nine.

destiny 2 trials audio file

The following two weeks will be the Survival game mode. The weekend of September 22, players will descend on the Mercury map, Altar of Flame. The following weekend starting on September 29 the featured map will be Emperor’s Respite. Clearly, Trials of the Nine will not be a straight back-and-forth, alternating Countdown/Survival pattern, but the map and mode will be hand picked each week by Bungie.

Bungie is keeping the details of Trials of the Nine close to its chest, not telling players anything about the event’s vendor, Passage cards, or boons (if there are any), or even if Flawless will still require a perfect nine-win streak. It’s likely all those details will remain a secret until next Friday when Trials of the Nine officially debuts.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Bungie