While the Destiny 2 PC beta is currently giving fans their first taste of 60fps action with mouse and keyboard, others are using the launch as a chance to do some digging. The data miners are out in full force and thus far they have revealed some tantalizing info about Bungie’s upcoming sequel.

Most of the reveals from the Destiny 2 data mines have to do with story spoilers, but the one that has caught our attention involves some audio files from a mysterious Crucible announcer.

Obviously Bungie has yet to confirm anything, and the studio is unlikely to do so before launch, but the audio files seem to be linked to Destiny 2’s version of Trials of Osiris. Clips include references to the new Survival mode that involves a preset amount of respawns, and callouts for the fireteam being “unworthy.”

Destiny 2 Trials Changes

Given that fans only have isolated bits of audio to go off of, everything is speculative at this point. But there are some assumptions to be made about the Trials of Osiris replacement.

  • For starters, it sounds as though the Survival mode and the Countdown mode will be a part of the experience, either as separate modes or by having their rule sets combined.
  • The female narrator says Judgement in numerous files, so it may be that the new mode is called Judgement, which would fit with the “unworthy” detail.
  • There are also references to the Taken King subclasses in the audio files, so rumors that those will be returning have gained a little more traction.
  • And finally, some of the files seem to feature the voice of actor H. Jon Benjamin.

Once the Destiny 2 beta hit PC, most figured that there would be leaks. Data mining is much easier on the PC, and even if only certain files could be accessed, the fans were likely to find some information. Bungie even expected their to be attempts at data mining and made reference to that fact by including a folder labeled datamine in the Destiny 2 beta directory.

Destiny 2 Trials Changes - Guardians

Of course it should be mentioned that not every data mined file is connected to an actual piece of content. There were plenty of items mined out of Destiny 1 that never made it into the main game, including the Dubious Volley rocket launcher that is now in Destiny 2.

That being said, Bungie has already said that there will be a Trials-like experience in Destiny 2 and a prior leak claimed that it would be called Trials of the Nine. So those facts coupled with the audio files all but confirm that Trials fans will have something to enjoy in Destiny 2. It may be slightly different in terms of the mode, and potentially the rewards, but the challenge will likely be there.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

Source: Reddit